How long? Blueberry Auto Day 71

2022.01.20 10:25 kartoffelpuffer91 How long? Blueberry Auto Day 71

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2022.01.20 10:25 DrunkTalkin How do you guys do it

Reading through these posts makes me proud for all of you and simultaneously terrified. I’m jealous of people who manage to brush their teeth regularly. The last two years have been zero days.
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2022.01.20 10:25 zanzebar Extremely rare elephant twins born in Kenya.

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2022.01.20 10:25 Rebi103 Where can I get a copy of the OG Gran Turismo?

What the title say. If it worked for Linux then it would be great but I'm good with emulating too
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2022.01.20 10:25 altruistic_summer Do any of you happen to know any places that offer great deals on musical instruments here?

So this is not about traditional music shops.
I remember when I was travelling in down south once, there was this place that had some musical equipment stored in a cargo container.
They offered me a original Japanese made Yamaha acoustic for like 15k. Could've gotten for like 10 or 12k after negotiating.
Unfortunately I can't remember where this place was exactly.
Do any of you happen to know such places/pawn shops that offer great bargains?
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2022.01.20 10:25 PolygonalMetal Smile

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2022.01.20 10:25 Xaffi_ Rule

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2022.01.20 10:25 Blue_wing_ Why are people so confusing

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2022.01.20 10:25 LawBart Someone tell me if I had psychosis, and if I’m going through post psychosis please!

(Sorry for the long post)
Hey guys, for context I abused stimulants 3-4 times a week for almost 2 years.
Back in April, on the peak of my abuse I started thinking I wasn’t enough confident and that I had to fix people in the eyes to make me look confident. So I started reading a lot of forums on how to look confident etc…
I never got delusions or anything, didn’t think I was being studied by the government or some aliens, it all looked very normal.
2 months after this, on June I started obsessing about my teeth, I have a little “stain” on one of them, that people can’t barely see, but to me it looked very bad. So I started brushing my teeth 6/7 times a day, I bled a lot, but I didn’t care because I wanted it to go away. Also wanna mention that I was looking at the mirror more than 20 times a day saying to my self that no one could see it and that I would become crazy if I continued doing it. I even went to the dentist to try to remove it but I was unsuccessful. My body would also hitch a lot at night (bugs symptom?)
2 weeks after this I finished my exams, went out with friends, always obsessing about my teeth, but besides that everything seemed fine. On some of this occasions I would smoke weed, and get very paranoid and having panic attacks, which was weird from me because I was a daily smoker for some time before this.
One night, after drinking and smoking, I was very paranoid, I was at a party and the owner of the house wanted to beat me up, so I don’t know why, I got really aggressive, started breaking all his house, I took my car that was parked inside of the house and started driving around, destroying tables, walls, and the main gate. After that him and his friends took me out of my car and beat me up.
I escaped successfully and went home.
The day after this, I woke up and nothing was the same, I couldn’t talk properly, couldn’t read, the blank mind syndrome started, had a lot of visual snow, was sensitive to light, was fixing people in the eyes like I was crazy, shitty memory etc…
I couldn’t sleep for like five nights, whenever I felt asleep I had weird dreams, and was hearing loud thoughts on my head, that sometimes felt like real loud noises.
I got put on antidepressants, Xanax, antipsychotics for about 3 months but they never really helped so I quitted them.
Now I still struggle with a lot of the symptoms, blank mind, difficulties having conversations, random thoughts, to think I have to talk to my self in my head, difficulties reading, shitty cognitive function etc…
I think my symptoms started to improve about a month ago, but I’m still far from being normal. It’s been 6 months.
I don’t do drugs anymore besides alcohol 5/6 times a month….
Would appreciate some insights from those who have suffered/are suffering from post psychosis.
Sorry for the long text, wish you the best.
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2022.01.20 10:25 Material_Fun6658 Best BMS Battery Management System For Electric Vehicle | Inwizards

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2022.01.20 10:25 king_nils Topstone carbon ultegra RX2 - Sharing my experience: About Frame Size (L), Fenders

This is my first post in here and I must say that I really enjoy watching all those lovely topstone pictures, so I decided to show my own topstone and share some experience.
I'm relatively new to cycling and want to share my first year on the bike, it might help some people who experienced same (bike fit) issues as I did. I use the bike for commuting on a daily base, 40km a day.
About sizing: I bought this bike about a year ago and I'm still very satisfied with it, altough I must say it took me some effort to get a good fit on this bike. I'm 1m84 (6ft 0.44in) with an inseam of 84.5cm (33.26in), the bikeshop adviced me a Large frame. The website states that large frames are for people that are 180cm to 193cm. So on paper it looks good. I've rode the bike without clip-in shoes and the saddle on it's lowest point for the first few months. The first rides felt ok but after a few weeks of commuting (40km a day) I started developing some pain in my right shoulder. I did some research and found out that having a too great reach can cause this. I also felt some genital numbness when riding for a long time. I decided to slide my saddle forward (change the fore aft position) to decrease my reach tilt it a bit forward. With this new setting I biked for a week and I noticed that after a while my feet became numb. I told this to a friend and he adviced me to buy proper clip-in bike shoes and so I did. I bought the shoes, added the cleats and hit the (gravel) road. The first ride was horrible and I didn't like the shoes at all, my feet became numb even faster and my knees started to hurt, also the shoulder pain returned. Then I started to read about bike fitting, and how to do a proper DIY fit. They say to start with the cleat position, I checked my cleats and found out they were off so I adjusted them. After that I checked my saddle hight. The saddle was already at it's lowest point and I could barely touch the ground with my toes. I did the famous inseam X 0.883 to find the 'ideal' saddle heigt and found out that my bike saddle was too high, I think the minimum height on the bike is 76-77cm (from BB to Saddle), and I needed it to be 74 cm. Conclusion: I needed a shorter seatpost. After some searching I settled with a 300mm alloy seatpost, which is hard to find since most are 350mm or 400mm in lenght, and I didn't want to cut one (the stock is a carbon 350mm post). I adjusted to seatpost lenght to the calculated one and went for a ride, to my suprise this actually helped so much, my average speed went up with 2-3km/h and my knee pain was gone. Problem solved you would think? Guess what.. after riding with the new seatpost for 30km I started developing lower back pain. My conclusion; the reach was still too large, so I ordered a 90mm and 80mm stem (stock is 100mm) to try out. After testing both I settled with the 80mm stem and my pain issues were gone. I really like the bike a lot, the carbon frame is light and the kingpin suspension provides a comfy ride (I didn't feel any difference between the carbon and alloy seatpost tbh).
TL;DR: Topstone frames are quite wide and the kingpin suspension system prevents the seatpost from going down a lot. I'm 1.84cm and with the Large frame size I had to change the seatpost 350mm -> 300mm and the stem 100mm to 80mm to get a good fit. The stock tires are good but not very durable. WHen changing tires I would opt for a size of 38C max, 40C gives too little clearance. SKS speedrockers in the back and gravelhuggers are a good match and provide good protection on muddy roads.
Other accesoiries: Bontrager Ion pro / Flare lights Hidemybell Mio Mount with gopro adaptor piece and a 3D printed mount for the Ion Pro Mio Cyclo 210 bike computer
That's about it, I think the post is long enough, enjoy your gravel rides fellows!
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2022.01.20 10:25 SunnySoy I have become fluff

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2022.01.20 10:25 CallMeJambo Pakistani authorities claiming they killed another ISKP militant in Peshawar yesterday

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2022.01.20 10:25 The_Sovien_Rug-37 fazballin😎

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2022.01.20 10:25 assfatq Your All-in-one Off-grid Power Solution | Solar Generators

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2022.01.20 10:25 DaddyBobMN Judges reveal why Novak Djokovic had to miss Australian Open

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2022.01.20 10:25 Zychratic Axolotl has darkened cavity in chest.

My 15YO Axolotl named Elvis has a deep, dark cavity in its chest. It’s recently been not been eating as much as it used to, and in past has refused to eat once it’s tank has been cleaned (thus why it’s a bit gross). Any suggestions on what this is??? I assume poor Elvis’ days are running low, which makes me very sad, but then again 15 years is a pretty long time for an Axolotl. My first guess would be some kind of cancer or tumour, or just general organ failure, but really want to get some suggestions.
Photos (warning: a bit gross):
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2022.01.20 10:25 NoElephant4327 DenaeJudd - DENAE is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential

DenaeJudd - DENAE is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential DenaeJudd - DENAE is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential

✅ DenaeJudd is Live. Low Market Cap. Low Holders

✅ DenaeJudd is a 100% community driven and fair launched meme token which builds value for its Hodlers through the liquidity pool acquisition, manual burns and reflections

✅ DenaeJudd is a community meme/utility token built on the BEP20 Token.

✅ Tokenomics are simple yet effective 10% Tax on Sell Orders 5% Liquidity Pool 4% Reflection to Hodlers 1% Marketing Wallet

✅ Liquidity Locked for 5 months

Here is the Tokenomics:

✅ Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000 DENAE

✅ Burned at launch : 0.89%

✅ %4 - redistributed to holders

✅ Contract Address: 0x9497800719379c648719af8f5565e52C8679966B

✅Pancakeswap Link:

✅Is this Community token ?

Yes, DenaeJudd - DENAE supports its community. We are engaged with our community.
We listen to our community..Join our community

🌐 Telegram:

📈 Chart (Bogged):
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2022.01.20 10:25 20exit do u think that for travel in japan (this summer) need vaccine?

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2022.01.20 10:25 Major_Independent_82 ........a site where you can put your passion into art and earn...super bullish on this one ........a site where you can put your passion into art and earn...super bullish on this one submitted by Major_Independent_82 to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 10:25 MLantto Storing liquor in a tin container?

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2022.01.20 10:25 PrimeRetroGamer Got myself a MX4SIO. Made a comparison video (link in a comment).

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2022.01.20 10:25 Straight-Onion9140 ich👨‍🦽iel

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2022.01.20 10:25 zweepzwoop Podcast recs - similar to Binchtopia

Hi pals. I’m looking for podcast recommendations w/ the same vibe (not necessarily format) as Binchtopia. For those of you who may not be familiar, it’s two gen z girlies who combine fun, quippy commentary, pop culture stuff and societal happenings, feminism, lefty political views, psychology, theory and lil anecdotes. I love it so so much but have been having a hard time finding any other podcasts I like. I don’t mind Two Hot Takes, but mostly for mindless listening/time wasting.
I really detest true crime and am not at all interested in Call Her Daddy or anything tangentially related. Not super interested in primarily male perspectives lol. Something w/ queer women creators would be cool. I don’t mind serious topics but don’t really enjoy stuff that gets too doomy. I also really love history. Tia :)
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2022.01.20 10:25 EtherMagz When is the next ship sale?

I want to pledge for a Retaliator Bomber but it isn’t available on the website. Anyone know when I can purchase it?
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