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2022.01.20 10:08 stilldiscount01 [100%OFF]SEO TRAINING 2022: Complete SEO Course + WordPress SEO Yoast

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2022.01.20 10:08 Similar-Addition-678 low quality mim

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2022.01.20 10:08 magdy-abdelsalam-67 Video: India successfully test-fired BrahMos supersonic cruise missile with enhanced capabilities

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2022.01.20 10:08 AmbitiousImplement85 @gzgnjnt

TFBX best project of the year
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2022.01.20 10:08 rtiainen Fenix 7 Solar and TopoActive Maps installation

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2022.01.20 10:08 jacksunnygaming Ping 😰 . . . #jacksunny #jacksunnygaming #teamthe #jacksunnysquad #jacksunnyyt #pubglitelive #gaming #jacksunnyfam #bgmilite #trending #freefire #thejacksunny #youtubeshorts #jacksunnygamer #Pubg #bgmi #pubgmobilelite #games #memes #instagram #youtube

Ping 😰 . . . #jacksunny #jacksunnygaming #teamthe #jacksunnysquad #jacksunnyyt #pubglitelive #gaming #jacksunnyfam #bgmilite #trending #freefire #thejacksunny #youtubeshorts #jacksunnygamer #Pubg #bgmi #pubgmobilelite #games #memes #instagram #youtube submitted by jacksunnygaming to jacksunnygaming [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 10:08 DooMLerD Front jack headset mic not detected

Hello, I have an (well, 2) issue with pulseaudio (switched to pipewire, and still had the same issue considering it uses PA too), I have 3 jacks on my desktop, 2 rear (line in/line out) and one headset in front. Now what I'd like to do is set the line out as the default device, so the audio wouldn't switch to headset when it's plugged in, and instead only use its mic as an input device.
Sound card is ALC671, I tried the arch troubleshooting page (of PA) without any success.
The 2 issues I have is simply switching output to Line Out straight up cuts the audio completely, as headset will have to be unplugged for that to work, 2nd issue is the headset mic never gets detected. Analog Stereo Duplex says "Unavailable" so it defaults to Analog Stereo Output.
$ arecord --list-devices **** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices **** card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 0: ALC671 Analog [ALC671 Analog] Subdevices: 0/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
$ pactl status No valid command specified. [j@ck ~]$ pactl info Server String: /run/use1000/pulse/native Library Protocol Version: 35 Server Protocol Version: 35 Is Local: yes Client Index: 70 Tile Size: 65472 User Name: j Host Name: localhost Server Name: PulseAudio (on PipeWire 0.3.43) Server Version: 15.0.0 Default Sample Specification: float32le 2ch 48000Hz Default Channel Map: front-left,front-right Default Sink: alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1f.3.analog-stereo Default Source: alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1f.3.analog-stereo.monitor Cookie: 818f:4619
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2022.01.20 10:08 100pc_recycled_words Rob and Charlie up to more shenanigans?

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2022.01.20 10:08 Veela_42 Daily Adora #193

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2022.01.20 10:08 SkyfireRain No players on Xbox?

Am I the only one that has a really hard time finding games to join on Xbox? I checked the same missions on playstation and there were like 20 active games to join
Not sure if this game isn’t popular on Xbox or if I’m having some kind of issue
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2022.01.20 10:08 fawryiran سعید افکاری: جمهوری اسلامی برادرانم را برای اعتراف علیه نوید تحت فشار قرار داده است

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2022.01.20 10:08 jamesalan1985 FNF: Sticky Sings Epiphany Mod Online

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2022.01.20 10:08 Ezzzy61 My first NFT called as TRONichan

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2022.01.20 10:08 invasive_wargaming How strong is the latest Tau Codex Leak? Fish of fury returns!

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2022.01.20 10:08 club_junket I emerge reformed

I am a stone giant lying at the shoreline, lashed by the rain and sand. I am strong like the ground, undisrupted by change. No challenge can break me. I meet the volcano and sink in the lava, hissing ferociously. I boil in the melange, body liquidated, and I emerge reformed. I am a floating leaf carried high in the air, spiralling without end. I am joyous like wind, unbothered by worry. No hindrance besets me. I spin slowly downward and land without a sound on the rainforest floor. I rot into the soil, engulfed and composted, and I emerge reformed. I am a beam of light cutting through the strata of the earth's atmosphere. I am bright like the sun, insensitive to pain. No darkness can touch me. I pierce down through the clouds and clash with the vapour at the edge of a storm, exploding brilliantly into a thousand shards, and I emerge reformed. 
The poet is Liam Blackford.
The poem has a fixation with the number six. Can you see it?
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2022.01.20 10:08 Jimmy_kong253 I'm thinking of going to the Super pet expo in Edison this weekend. Are cats well representative or is it just mainly dog stuff?

If its mainly dog stuff I'm not even going to bother
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2022.01.20 10:08 carrotstherabbi CarrotsTheRabbi - Everybody Wants To Rule The Universe (Coldplay, Tears for Fears)

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2022.01.20 10:08 Upstairs-Time-7450 🔥🔥🔥NFT Give Away🔥🔥🔥🇺🇸🇨🇳- Upvote and drop your wallet

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2022.01.20 10:08 Severe-Daikon-7645 Why are so many in this sub so anti-Ethan?

Especially regarding the Nikocado drama. Like, I'm sorry but it's very clear that Ethan has no serious intentions to harm or upset Nik, and yet everyone is like 'Ethan went too far' and applauding Nik - with all due respect do you even watch the Podcast/know Ethan's humour at all?
The things Ethan has said are really not that bad, especially when in his mind it was a comedic back and forth that Nik was also just as much a part of. I get that maybe Nik doesn't take it that way/doesn't know Ethan as much as we do, so could have been upset, but in that case he should have spoken to Ethan directly and stated his boundaries, instead of making videos full of shtick that to a viewer comes across as humour.
Ethan is the first person to apologise if he's gone to far, you could see it in the latest H3TV vid (the channel not the show), he was genuinely concerned if he'd upset Nik. He often goes out of his way to be respectful of people and figure out their boundaries. I wish people in this sub would stop treating him like the nasty guy his critics think he is. He's consistently proven himself to have a top-notch moral compass, and it's honestly shocking that so many 'fans' jump down his throat the minute there is any tiny controversy.
I can only surmise that it's hangover from the frenemies fans, that incorrectly think it's their place to hold him accountable.
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2022.01.20 10:08 Fine_Amount_9839 updates of episodes confusing...

of late - updates don't shoe episode X and date X .... makes it hard to find the update episode. also receive notification if episode via e-mail but increasingly go there to check and find it is not there ....................................................am I just behind the FIREWALL or is the service deteriorating???
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2022.01.20 10:08 Crystalynne [WTS] LANCOME la vie est Belle Intensement EDP 1.7oz 85% Full (Bottle)

Hey swappers, I'm selling my La Vie Est Belle Intensement by Lancome L'eau De Parfum EDP 1.7oz bottle.
Approximately 85%ish full. Batch code on bottom of bottle: 38SD01B
$50 - Shipping, PayPal G&S included.
Thanks all!
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2022.01.20 10:08 stilldiscount01 [100%OFF]PSPO1™ Practice Tests Scrum Product Owner certification-160Q

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2022.01.20 10:08 Independent-Reach465 TFBX MY DREAM İDEA

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2022.01.20 10:08 SituationGood WTB barrel, trigger group and slide release

Title says it all, trying to save a few bucks buying used. I realize the slide release might be hard to come by but i thought id try my luck. I prefer to use PayPal, thank you.
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2022.01.20 10:08 Subject_Pension_8741 Dilated common bile duct

Hi. I had an us and ct scan In 2020 and all was fine besides dilated bile duct 6mm on us and then 6.8mm on ct scan. Told me it’s within normal ranges so will leave me basically said I could’ve been born with it that size.
I have shoulder blade pain majority of the time had it years put it down to working at computer desk and being right handed. I occasionally feel like a ball under ribs or ache in ribs. I think it’s all gallbladder related but they won’t do a hida scan. I’m in the uk so it’s harder here. I also had obstetric cholestatis with my daughter and my shoulder blade pain cos worse when Pregnant with her and after so I’m convinced it’s linked. Any advice or reassurance cos I end up googling and scare myself
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