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Получил много веток и записался в салон

В этот раз мы не тратили часы на то, чтобы добраться до дома моих родителей, возникнув в самом неприметном углу лестничной клетки на нужном этаже. Проанализировав магический фон после своей ... В это время надо стараться чем-то себя занять, съесть что-нибудь сладкого и цитрусового, лично мне помогает. Можно сходить в салон размяться немного, хотя с моим ростом особо и не разомнешься. АДМ. Железноводск -> Якутск — пост пикабушника dobrihdel. Комментариев - 0, сохранений - 0. Присоединяйтесь к обсуждению или опубликуйте свой пост! В максималке как раз за 1,5 много как будто полезных опций, но по ощущениям столько она не стоит. Нравится то, что задумка с двигателем сохраняется. Общаемся. В трейд ин берут за 530, скидывают 100. Сергей Е. решил пройти процедуру криотерапии по совету врача и записался в салон babor. Процедура представляет из себя кратковременное воздействие ледяных паров жидкого азота на тело ... Салон поскрипывает и похрустывает — видимо, после серии сборок-разборок во время службы в каршеринге (как минимум для установки и снятия телематического оборудования). Биография Детство и юность. Родился в дворянской семье кронштадтского корабельного врача Степана Яковлевича Гу́милева (1836—1910).Мать — Анна Ивановна, урождённая Львова (1854—1942).В детстве Николай Гумилёв был слабым и ... В процессе работы над собой я определился с тем, что делаю лучше всего . Я записался, выполнил вступительное задание и попал в школу Редакторов дизайнерского бюро Артёма Горбунова.

2022.01.20 12:04 5igorsk Получил много веток и записался в салон

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2022.01.20 12:04 VanillaBeanThots Sticks and Stones [OC]

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2022.01.20 12:04 saadmerie Accounting Principles

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2022.01.20 12:04 1200mmr New patch , problems defending in my area.

I dont know if it is me or the patch. When the opponent attacker gets the ball in the area and out runs a defender of mine and i switch to the next cb , its like there is a delay of a milisecond to start moving so im never in time to block the shot( 4 out of 6 times im not).
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2022.01.20 12:04 bucket--bot about the anonymous compliments :)

Fuck fuck does not from 2100 >:D
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2022.01.20 12:04 Bigconversations01 The blood attempting to return to my fingers on a cold day. I have Raynaud’s phenomenon.

The blood attempting to return to my fingers on a cold day. I have Raynaud’s phenomenon. submitted by Bigconversations01 to pics [link] [comments]


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2022.01.20 12:04 LennyLouLou We're adding a second collie to our family next year! We already have a female. Should we add a 2nd female or a male?

Our first female will be >2 years old, and she's spayed.
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2022.01.20 12:04 TheGuyWhoNeeds Hello, I am gathering information about current customer satisfaction of their laptop's battery capacity. It is a simple survey and won't take you more than a minute. Much appreciated!

Hello, I am gathering information about current customer satisfaction of their laptop's battery capacity. It is a simple survey and won't take you more than a minute. Much appreciated! submitted by TheGuyWhoNeeds to russia [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 12:04 CalmMirror VOW Draft Data Deep-Dive (5/10): Green-White: Does Training Really Suck?

Welcome to the fifth of 10 archetype deep-dives in VOW draft—and the last of the well-supported allied colour pairs—today focusing on Green-White (GW). GW is the only allied colour pair that is widely considered to be sub-par, so this is also our first opportunity to examine what makes an under-appreciated archetype tick.
I’m going to go in-depth on how to build GW, a data dive on which commons get better or worse when you’re in GW specifically, whether you should splash in GW, and then look at some trophy-winning GW decks to see what makes them tick.
We will be following the same methodology as in the RG article and BR article. If you’d like to go back to the start, here are the UW article and UB article, which have slightly less refined approaches.
Who am I? I’m Sam, a draft fiend and maths geek…which is probably why I’m writing a stats article series about draft in my free time. Shocking, right? If you’d like to follow me, I have a very active Youtube drafting channel Draft Punks and I tweet about limited all the time.
Let’s get to it!
What defines GW? I’m writing this section before I look at the data. Consider this my “hypothesis” based on personal experience—I may be right or wrong. Then we can see together whether the data challenges or supports my own experience, and then draw some conclusions.
I must confess: I’ve only drafted GW once or twice in the whole format, so my personal perspectives are fairly limited. I view GW, generally, as a somewhat assertive midrange deck that doesn’t take advantage of any particular synergies (note: I’m only talking about commons and uncommons here, unless stated otherwise):
· All about Training?: Training is the headline mechanic for GW, but I’ve not found the Training cards to be all that powerful nor important to GW. Why would you bother playing Parish-Blade Trainee on 2 when you could play Drogskol Infantry or Dawnhart Disciple? It also only features on 6 cards, so is not even that prevalent.
· +1/+1 counters: with Training comes +1/+1 counters, so there are a few cards that synergise with them, including Sigardian Paladin and Cloaked Cadet. These can be powerful when they work, but are not necessary.
· Human synergies: GW also has a minor Human tribal theme, seen on 4 cards: Dawnhart Disciple, Resistance Squad, Laid to Rest, and Cloaked Cadet. Again, these synergies are not all that powerful nor that important.
Should you splash in GW? You can.
GW (with no splash) has an average win rate of 53.7%, compared to the 55.7% 17Lands-user two-colour average, ranking it the tied second-weakest colour pair in the format with GB, ahead of only UG.
GW with a splash drops down to 52.2%. That is a clear loss in equity, but noticeably smaller than the other colour pairs. Green has access to particularly good fixing in Weaver of Blossoms and uncommon Reclusive Taxidermist, plus the weaker Nature’s Embrace (in addition to the colourless Evolving Wilds, Foreboding Statue, and Honored Heirloom). Given how weak GW on its own is, finding opportunities to splash powerful off-colour cards makes sense.
On what occasions is it worth splashing? 17Lands has enough data to give us win rates for 10 splash cards in GW. Here are those 10 cards and their win rates in GW.
· # GIH = “number of games in hand” = the number of games the given card was in hand at any point.
· GIH WR = “games in hand win rate” = win rate when the given card was in hand at any point, usually used as a proxy for “overall win rate”. Whenever I talk about “win rate”, this is what I’m referring to.
Now, remember that GW has an overall win rate of 53.7%, so, in my opinion, the only cards you should consider for a splash are those that bring your overall win rate up. Those cards are:
· Halana and Alena, Partners (66.1%)(!)
· Edgar, Charmed Groom (59.1%)
· Old Rutstein (54.3%)
Following the same pattern we’ve seen several times now, it’s really only the most powerful cards in the set that are worth splashing. Don’t try to extend your mana base just to play off-colour removal like Abrade, it’s not worth it.
Which cards get better in GW specifically? 1) Methodology and context We will be following the fantastic new methodology I outlined in the BR article, made possible thanks to great help from u/Sierkovitz and u/cdrstudy.
I have calculated the sample size (GIH) and win rate (GIH WR) for each card in non-GW decks, then compared it against the win rate in GW decks. By subtracting the non-GW win rate from the GW win rate, we can produce a metric for the difference between a card’s win rate in GW compared to other decks (labelled “GIH WR difference”)
We will also be running a significance test on each of our cards. If you’re not familiar with significance testing, I’ll include some links at the end for you. Suffice to say that it means that we are able to quantify whether a given card is actually different in GW compared to non-GW or whether it’s just due to statistical noise. (Yes, stats nerds, I know that’s a loose explanation, but I don’t want to be too technical here).
Thus, we have a new column called “Significant at α=0.05”. “YES” means we can conclude that that card is actually different in GW compared to non-GW (either better or worse). “NO” means the difference might have just come from natural variance, so we shouldn’t read anything into it.
For each rarity, I’m going to present two tables. The first table shows the top cards of that rarity, sorted by win rate. The significance column will tell us whether they are significantly better in GW, or just there because they’re good. The second table will be the cards that most improve in GW relative to non-GW. This doesn’t tell us which cards are best, just which cards show the greatest improvement from being in GW. Between the two tables, I think we can build a really clear picture of the archetype.
Let’s go!
2) The data Top commons in GW by win rate
The top performers give us some very telling results about what GW is and is not (numbers in square brackets are GIH WR):
· Crazily enough, none of the top 10 commons in GW perform better in GW decks than otherwise, and 8/10 perform significantly worse.
· The 3 best cards in GW are the best white cards: Sigarda’s Imprisonment[55.6%], Traveling Minister[55.4%], and Fierce Retribution[55.4%].
· The remaining top slots go to Wolf Strike[56.0%] and a suite of strong creatures at various spots on the curve: Hookhand Mariner[54.7%], Spore Crawler[54.0%], Flourishing Hunter[53.9%], Weaver of Blossoms[53.9%], Kindly Ancestor[53.8%], and Heron of Hope[53.8%].
· You’ll notice that there’s not a single Training creature in the top 10. This fits with our hypothesis that GW is more interested in just curving out with good creatures than doing the whole Training thing.
· The best Training creatures are #12 Parish-Blade Trainee[53.3%], #17 Gryff Rider[52.4%], and #21 Apprentice Sharpshooter[52.0%].
Commons by improvement in GW compared to non-GW
Sorting by improvement tells a dismal story for GW (numbers in square brackets are improvement in GW):
· Only one common gets significantly better in GW compared to otherwise: Dawnhart Disciple[+1.0%], able to take advantage of a density of Humans in GW.
· On the other end of things, more than half the commons in GW perform significantly worse in GW compared to otherwise. This includes all of the removal spells, Disturb creatures such as Kindly Ancestor[-3.5%] and Droksol Infantry[-3.2%], life gain creatures such as Traveling Minister[-3.1%] and Heron of Hope[-3.1%], and combat tricks such as Witch’s Web[-2.1%] and Adamant Will[-2.0%].
· All told this tells me that GW is a deck without an identity. It can’t capitalise on any of the synergies in adjacent colour pairs such as Disturb and life gain and can’t find anything within itself to produce a powerful strategy.
· Wedding Invitation[-8.4%] in GW is the poorest performing common out of any archetype analysed to date, dropping from a very strong 57.1% elsewhere to a dismal 48.7% in GW.
Top uncommons in GW by win rate
The top uncommons tell a similar story (numbers in square brackets are GIH WR):
· All of the top 4 uncommons are simply strong everywhere, not significantly better in GW: Dormant Grove[58.1%], Angelic Quartermaster[57.6%], Infestation Expert[57.2%], and Resistance Squad[56.4%]
· These results are interesting: Dormant Grove and Angelic Quartermaster both fit with GW’s small +1/+1 counter theme, but even that doesn’t help them perform better in GW (in fact they all perform worse, albeit not significantly). The same is true for Resistance Squad, one of the few GW Humans payoffs.
Uncommons by improvement in GW compared to non-GW
We see similar trends here as with the commons (numbers in square brackets are improvement in GW):
· Only Laid to Rest[+3.2%] and Spiked Ripsaw[+1.9%] perform significantly better in GW. Laid to Rest can take advantage of GW’s Human density but is still terrible, while Spiked Ripsaw perhaps allows White’s middling creatures to brawl and can give Green’s big monsters closing power.
· Again, nearly half the list performs significantly worse in GW compared to otherwise. We see similar themes as with the commons, with most of these synergising better in archetypes other than GW.
Top rares/mythics by improvement in GW compared to non-GW
The rares/mythics continue the same story:
· There are two rares/mythics that improve in GW and they really improve: Hamlet Vanguard[+6.3%!] has a sufficient density of Humans in GW but nowhere else, and Sigarda’s Summons[+6.1%] can work with GW’s +1/+1 counter theme but is useless anywhere else.
· Sigarda’s Summons looks like a powerful buildaround, but even in GW it manages a measly 51.4% WR.
· There are 4 rares/mythics that get significantly worse in GW, most of which are fairly obvious why. The one interesting card is By Invitation Only[-4.1%], which may again indicate that GW is looking to curve out, not sit around waiting for a window to resolve a Wrath.
Trophy-winning GW decks To finish off, let’s take a look at some high-ranking trophy-winning GW decks. I’m going to draw your attention to broad game plan, packages of synergy, bombs, and what has been excluded. All decks are from Premier Draft (bo1).
Deck 1: GW Training, 7-1 in Platinum https://www.17lands.com/deck/d63814ab20de4e04b5139cec78eb7c87
This was the most focused Training deck that I could find, and even here it’s only a sub-theme. There’s good reason to go Training here, with double Sigardian Paladin to power up, but the only Training creatures are 1 Parish-Blade Trainee, 1 Gryff Rider, and 1 Torens.
Aside from the Training, there’s a few interesting synergies:
· Laid to Rest along with a massive 13 Humans. Laid to Rest is normally pretty bad, but if it’s ever going to work it’s in a deck like this
· Welcoming Vampire with 10 creatures that will trigger it plus both Torens and Infestation Expert which can keep pumping out tokens that will trigger it.
· There’s a fair bit of life gain in the deck with 3 Panicked Bystanders, 2 Sigardian Paladins, and Laid to Rest. However, there’s no life gain payoffs, so it’s mostly just incidental value.
Bombs: Welcoming Vampire. Torens is ok, but not what I would call bomb status.
The only interesting card in the exclusions is Flourishing Hunter, which is generally quite strong, even in GW. This speaks to this drafter’s commitment to the synergies with Welcoming Vampire, Sigardian Paladin, and Laid to Rest.
Deck 2: GW curve-out, 7-2 in Diamond https://www.17lands.com/deck/90a7807f19d743848fac9a22a7011b7e
Deck 1 was emblematic of the Training-heavy build of GW, so I’ve chosen this one to highlight a deck that takes a different approach. To me, this is what a successful GW will more commonly look like: mostly just a good curve of creatures and removal, with synergies taking a backseat.
That being said, there are a couple of little synergies to notice:
· A small Wolf/Werewolf theme, with Packsong Pup and Wolfkin Outcast as payoffs and 2 Snarling Wolf, 1 Ascendant Packleader, and Hookhand Mariner as enablers.
· A small life gain theme, with 2 Heron of Hope and a few creatures that gain life (including the Slinter Twin combo of Traveling Minister and Heron of Hope)
· A small Spirits theme, with Katilda as payoff enabled by 5 other Spirits or Enchantments
Bombs/Rares: Katilda is still firmly in bomb status, even outside her comfort zone. Lantern Flare and Ascendant Packleader are both strong also.
The exclusions mostly make sense. I’ll draw your attention to the discipline in leaving Child of the Pack on the sideline, even with an Evolving Wilds that could have enabled a splash.
Deck 3: GW with a Splash, 7-0 in Platinum/Diamond https://www.17lands.com/deck/5b0b26706d62497a8f81be40ec60949c
Finally, I want to take a look at a GW deck with a splash. This deck touches Black for Edgar, Charmed Groom, which was indeed one of the few cards strong enough to justify a splash according to our analysis earlier. The splash is fairly well supported too, with a Swamp, Evolving Wilds, Foreboding Statue, and Reclusive Taxidermist.
This deck also has a few little synergies to note:
· Life gain, with the Splinter Twin combo (2 Minister, 1 Heron) and a few other life gainers
· Some high-quality anti-synergy between Thalia and 7 non-creatures
Bombs: Edgar and Glorious Sunrise are firmly bomb-tier, Torens is ok, and Thalia looks actively harmful (does it count as a bomb if it drastically improves your opponent’s win rate?)
There are some really interesting exclusions here:
· Fleeting Spirit, which I certainly think should take Thalia’s place
· The 3rd copy of Sigarda’s Imprisonment. I personally don’t think there’s any number of these I wouldn’t play and could easily take the place of Arm the Cathars or some filler creature
· But then again, this drafter trophied so who am I to argue!
Conclusion And done! Another 3000 words and some more crazy Excel fun, that’s the last of the allied colour pairs done! Feedback on the recent articles has been fantastic and really motivated me to keep working on this project, so thank you! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this instalment, the data, the interpretations, how you like to play GW, honestly just anything is greatly appreciated :)
Thanks again to u/Sierkovtiz and u/cdrstudy for their amazing help which enabled the quality of this article to happen.
If you’d like to follow more of my work, I co-host weekly draft videos on my Youtube channel Draft Punks where we are highly engaged with our community, so would love to have your subscription. I also tweet about limited and maths all the time if you’d like to follow me on Twitter.
Til next article!
Sam aka Calm Mirror
Postscript on statistical significance If you are interested, here’s some reading about statistical significance and here’s the particular test that I used to do the testing for this article. Welcome to the nerddom!
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2022.01.20 12:04 sagarbansal21 🎊Announcing LunarCrush Token Distribution🎊

🎊Announcing LunarCrush Token Distribution🎊 We're excited to announce our latest token distribution for our partner LunarCrush. 🚀
🗣LunarCrush is a social intelligence platform for crypto which helps users make informed investment decisions by harnessing the power of real-time social insights, analytics, and market metrics.
💁‍♂️eSheesha holders will be rewarded with $LUNR tokens daily for being stakers on our platform!
⏰The distribution is starting over the next 24-48 hours. Don't miss it!
Read more👇
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2022.01.20 12:04 Dszaba Nami passive description is not accurate

Hello guys, I played with nami for like 30 games, and I noticed, that when my passive affects me or my team mates, it does not give that much movespeed, as it describes, maybe only 60-70% what it describes. Does anyone else noticed this also?
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2022.01.20 12:04 blink1510 220121 TREASURE - 'THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER ONE' CONCEPT FILM [JUNKYU]

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2022.01.20 12:04 kayvandutch Skywalker OG by pacific seed bank (left) and black light bubba by dino party chucks (right) grown in coast of Maine crab and lobster compost mixed with nectar for the gods #5 fed with NFTG Roman regimen nutrient line with bloom chaos foliar feeds twice weekly. First hybrids grown in 4x4.

Skywalker OG by pacific seed bank (left) and black light bubba by dino party chucks (right) grown in coast of Maine crab and lobster compost mixed with nectar for the gods #5 fed with NFTG Roman regimen nutrient line with bloom chaos foliar feeds twice weekly. First hybrids grown in 4x4. submitted by kayvandutch to LEDGROWERS [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 12:04 Cough_Turn [WTS] Vintage Hamilton Masterpiece - NOS - PPG Industries Quartz Watch

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2022.01.20 12:04 ComprehensiveEase793 Still one of my favorite survivor series match

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2022.01.20 12:04 mmcintoshmerc_88 Sadly, the smiling friends couldn't help Griffith

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2022.01.20 12:04 KryptonianMovement Seeing these makes me proud of VEMPIRE DDAO. If you havent heard of VEMPIRE DDAO, Its better to research it now.

Seeing these makes me proud of VEMPIRE DDAO. If you havent heard of VEMPIRE DDAO, Its better to research it now. #vEmpireDDAO
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Floor price of assets? $31M Market cap? $22M https://twitter.com/vEmpiredigital/status/1483824541516410881?s=20
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2022.01.20 12:04 Ploopy_R whats the command for creating an end portal block?

all the commands i found online are way outdated and no longer work
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2022.01.20 12:04 Totalrecoilairsoft TEAMWORK ALWAYS WINS THE DAY! Heavy Recoil EP.7 Feat. VFC URGI, Oberland Arms OA-15 & MP7 GBBR

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2022.01.20 12:04 SaintParida I am aiming to save 10k by the end of the year. What should I keep in mind during this journey? What should I do with the money as it rises?

Have been broke for a while. Got a job as a bartender in Ireland. It's OK. It nets me free food from the kitchen so I can spend very little on feeding myself. Pay is €400 to €450 a week, after tax. Rent is €134 a week (Am strongly considering finding elsewhere when I can. Which will be €390 a month.) Currently have €3,000 in my account, with a soft goal of saving €1,000 a month. Electricity is ridiculous, idk, can be maybe €60 a month. I believe I can have 10k by January 1st 2023.
Anyway, I've never really had any kind of savings. I want to get some advice on what I should be aiming for or doing with it as it rises. Just straight into a current account? I'd like to try to own a house or apartment some day, but that's probably an unrealistic goal for someone like me. I'd also like to maybe train to do something that pays better and I enjoy more, but I already have a degree and a did not finish Masters degree.
Am 27, not an Irish citizen, but British, would like to become an Irish citizen though. Eventually would like to be an EU citizen and retire in Greece.
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2022.01.20 12:04 appsaraby طلبات العاطلين في الولايات المتحدة ترتفع إلى أعلى مستوى في ثلاثة أشهر

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2022.01.20 12:04 macready2rumbl Being yanked around about a raise

The company I work for is notorious for not giving out raises, and when they do, theyre pathetic. I fought tooth and nail to get myself a $2 increase from $15 since I do the work of three people, easily. I also train new hires who get hired on at $15. I finally signed the paperwork, and for the last three weeks it has been sitting on HR's desk and has not been put into the system. I keep getting told it'll come soon, but it was supposed to go into effect on 1/1/22.
I have everything in writing but I don't know what to do and this was the only place I could think to vent
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2022.01.20 12:04 RainbowTheGreat Need help with villagers.

Hello everyone,
I made a village and moved two villages in, everything went fine they bred until they filled up all the beds on the surface. However, I built an entrance underground about 5 blocks or maybe 10 block away from the bell and made sure the path leads to under the bell [12 blocks down] the villagers won't go anywhere near the stairs and if I move them down with a boat they immediately flee to the surface. What can I do?
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