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2021.12.02 22:37 lucky666123 fat loner

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2021.12.02 22:37 anon_2025 Apex should focus on their game over cosmetics right now.

Don’t get me wrong, before I get into this. I love apex very much but I can not stand the game anymore. First off, I’m a duos player and the two maps in rotation are WAY too big for the amount of players in a duo lobby. If you don’t land at a populated drop, you aren’t seeing anyone till top 3-4 unless you’re lucky. Secondly, the sbmm is cheeks. I can’t play in a ranked game without playing with/against players that are 3 and 4 tiers higher than me (I’ve even tried to party up with previous teammates but can’t because they are ranked far higher than me and wouldn’t be allowed to queue with me). All my casual games are similar too but much worse. I’m a shitter okay? I can’t play with these predators anymore. I’m sure many of you feel the same as the player base has fallen off lately.
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2021.12.02 22:37 Fuzzy-Weekend4913 Alpina b7 twin turbo v8

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2021.12.02 22:37 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - The Papers: 'Appalling cruelty', and jab results boost hopes | BBC

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2021.12.02 22:37 Hot_Butterfly9321 Merry Christmas from Nissan🎁

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2021.12.02 22:37 urlocalpacksearcher FS/NFT Mookie Rookie Debut $18 Shipped BMWT. PayPal Only

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2021.12.02 22:37 TheKingJest How do I cook my dog a birthday steak he will love?

I got my dog a steak for his birthday, how do I cook it so he'll get the most out of it? Do I just cook it or is there something I can add to it to make it tastier?
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2021.12.02 22:37 culverscheesecurd Garden gnome can be customized to look like santa for toy day!

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2021.12.02 22:37 MavAndGoose2021 Why is everyone so obsessed with reporting Ali’s accounts?? How will she be made fun of on this thread if she has no profile 🤔

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2021.12.02 22:37 NorternSketchyX ITAP of the sea and a reddish sunset in Cancun, Mexico.

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2021.12.02 22:37 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Health] - Covid: Pfizer and Moderna jabs give best overall boost, UK trial finds | BBC

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2021.12.02 22:37 determiningfactor Day 635 - Year 2, Day 270

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2021.12.02 22:37 maractite I found some early Yousei Teikoku info/audio on the Wayback Machine, including a surviving sample of the now-lost "Get Over"

From their official sites no less. Apologies if much of this was already known
Inspired by the recent reupload of Momo no Mori, I decided to try seeing if I could find anything more regarding the missing Peach albums (and the lost songs from said albums). I know that their official site around the time Stigma was released was fairithm.com, so I decided to check the archives for any news/info about their earlier albums/songs.
From the Wayback Machine, from about 2002 (when they moved from geocities to fairithm.com) to sometime in 2006-2007 (before the release of Gothic Lolita Propaganda) they hosted short (1-2 minutes) streaming samples of some of their early songs on their official site
This was what was available in 2002. The most interesting track on that list is 最後の詩, since so far it's a lost song. Unfortunately the audio itself was not archived so we can't recover it from here.
Also it appears that before they signed with Lantis, they released new singles directly on their site through limited download; the above page shows that mp3 downloads for トリカゴ have now concluded (this later includes Last Moment and some other stigma tracks), which is pretty neat.
A later-archived page exists as well: 最後の詩 is gone (along with some of their other earlier songs), but we now have some more Stigma tracks, as well as Get Over (rendered here as Getover). This time, there's also some archived audio to go along with it. The archive has 5 wma's, of which 4 are actually audio (though for some reason in the url list they're listed as plaintext). These are:
m01: 1:41 of ワタシハアナタアナタハワタシ m04: 1:52 of an early/alternate arrangement of Last Moment m05: 1:22 of Get Over m08: 1:05 of an early version of 春へ
AFAIK, this is the only extant audio of "Get Over" available (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)
The archive also has an m02 (judging by the songlist on the more recent music page, it's likely a sample of Dear My Favorite, possibly the one uploaded in this video), but the page was archived after the samples were already removed and returns a 404
The wayback machine's full list of pages from fairithm.com is here AFAIK none of the .asx, .ram, or .swf pages contain the actual audio indicated in their page names, and are merely wrappers to the actual songs (though I may have missed something)
Speaking of Geocities
Following a link from fairithm's first news update (posted on 2002/01/01), I also found their old geocities page
Of special interest is their Music page which contains samples of all tracks from Momo to Hane and Momo no Mori (with many tracks, indicated with a *, being the full version of said song). This is also likely where the existing low-quality copies of these albums originate from (rather than degraded CD rips): they sound quite similar to the copies floating around and the sudden fadeout of some tracks (most notably Confusion) would be explained by the fact that they're only meant to be samples of a much longer song. Unfortunately this means that if my assumption is true then we're also missing full versions of some of these songs
Surprisingly, I was able to download the original audio for all these samples/tracks except for (amusingly) もも directly from the archive. The first column with icons/links would be for streaming (leading to a .ram wrapper, which isn't important since we have direct download links) and the 3rd column is for lyrics (of which only Dear My Favorite, Forest, and No More appear to still exist). The second link column (with the icons that look like speech bubbles saying "Real") are either working links to the .rm of each track, a link to a working redirect to the .rm (hosted on one of Yui's old sites), or the link is dead but the domain hosting the redirecting links still has the files. I also directly linked the relevant archive.org files below, and the songs should be easily playable in VLC.
桃とハネ: Album Art Do you believe that THE FAIRY exists? SHINING 白いハネ EVOLUTION Re born GLASS HEART 星に願いを CHAOTIC BLUE ICE Confusion MOONLIGHT MAGIC
桃の森: imperialism Dear my favorite、、、 Kill me Memory of、、、 MARS(DIGITAL HARD CORE ReMIX) Forest 白いハネ(TRANS TECHNO ReMIX) NO MORE、、、、、、 ENDLESS EMOTION もも (leads to a 404 since for some reason it wasn't archived until way after the others) 無題
As an interesting aside, here Takaha Tachibana is credited as "Takaccho" (たかっちょ), and the lyrics to "No More" were written by someone named P.Alan. I have no idea who that is. There's also a link to a popularity ranking of the songs off both albums, which 星に願いを won
Oddly, their first album is given as 桃とハネ (Momo to Hane) rather than 桃の羽 (Momo no Hane) which is how it's rendered on later official discography pages and was released in 1998 rather than 1997, while Momo no Mori was given a 1999 release date rather than 1998. There's also no mention of Shikou no Momo (which is believed to have been released in 1999), despite this site being maintained until 2002 when they moved to fairithm.com. This page only lists these two albums as well. It's honestly kind of weird that there's this much conflicting information regarding their old albums...
As an aside, I saw this CD on a Yahoo Auction (I uploaded the image of the CD to imgur as well since the auction expires in a few days and I wasn't able to archive the page itself). It's labelled "Yousei Teikoku Short-version Sample CD" and has 7 tracks total: 5 tracks that eventually made it onto Stigma, last moment, and Moonlight Magic. I don't remember seeing any CD with this name or tracklist on ENG or JPN sites, and thought it was worth mentioning.
The likely origins of "Digital Wind" and nearly finding a 3rd missing song
The last time I went looking for info on the missing Momo albums I found a Youtube channel that was mostly songs from early-mid '00s Eroge, but also had some early Yousei Teikoku. This included the sample of Dear My Favorite (which I linked above) as well as: An HD version of もも An HD version of ワタシハアナタアナタハワタシ An early version of トリカゴ (the vocals/mixing sound slightly different from the Stigma version, this was likely the version available for download on the fairithm site back in 2002) An alternate version of Garden (this one lacks the monologue at the end) セイナルトビラ (a rework of 無題) A remix of Moonlight Magic A track called "Digital Wind"
Most of these are either known to originate from a Momo album or were otherwise listed on the fairithm site, but "Digital Wind" was highly unusual. I've never seen it listed in any discography (aside from an assorted "other" track), and searching for "妖精帝國Digital Wind" on DuckDuckGo only really brought me to some 2channel archives discussing where that song might have originated from, with the only clue being info for that song existing on a site called "Player's Kingdom". From what I can gather, this site was a place for indie musicians to upload their songs for others to listen to and download, but was later taken down in favour of a more traditional marketplace (deleting all the previous files/pages with it) so the relevant information only exists in archives. It's also nearly impossible to search for specific artists via the archives, since the urls use numbers rather than artist names.
However, the 11/11 update on their geocities page mentions adding to their "Player's Kingdom" page, with an actual link listed further down the page: the one for ミュージックイークラブ・プレイヤーズ王国 (Music e-club/player's kingdom). They only ever uploaded four tracks: last moment (likely the earlier arrangement whose sample I linked above), Digital wind (what I was looking for), Forth (another missing Momo track), and ワタシハアナタアナタハワタシ
Again, like the 2002-era fairithm page, the links to the actual listening pages don't appear to work, and are just wrappers to the actual songs. I've also been unable to fully trawl the archives since there are a lot of pages under this domain (over 10k) and the wayback machine doesn't seem to like my attempts at a more narrowed subdomain search. It's possible that the actual files still exist somewhere on the archive (if, like the wma's above, the file format led the archive to catalogue them as plaintext rather than audio, since the archive only lists 22 audio captures for the entire domain all in the wrong format), but I honestly don't have much hope
And that's about what I have right now. There's an existing sample for lost Momo song Get Over (as well as a little-remembered mix of last moment), and audio for 最後の詩 and Forth have been shown to have previously existed somewhere on the internet. I couldn't find anything regarding 約束の地 or Electric Stream (unless that's just a mislabelling of Digital Wind...) or even any mentions of them in the years they'd be new/relevant, and at this point I'm starting to wonder if those songs even existed...
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2021.12.02 22:37 Mroogaboog What is your perfect fallout game

Enough fighting over which fallout game is best I want to know what you think the perfect fallout would be like. Such as fallout 4 power armor or fnv reputation
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2021.12.02 22:37 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Health] - Covid risk remains higher for some ethnic groups | BBC

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2021.12.02 22:37 JacksonTeoh91 If you are into Batman, this bundle is definitely for you...

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2021.12.02 22:37 fakehsve12345 I’m happy to see I’m not the only one

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2021.12.02 22:37 Buckman21 Is playing games on origin bad for my Mac?

I play it through origin and I have a MacBook Pro 16 2020 version. I want to make my laptop last as long as I can but I just can’t help but want to play some Sims 4 on it.
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2021.12.02 22:37 Big_Profession8854 This art print is BEYOND perfect!

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2021.12.02 22:37 06hawkeyewrx 170 MF Destroyer and 173-5 dyed halo calvin destroyer. Both 7.5+/10 halo has inked rim metal flake has wiped stamp and faded ink. 40$ shipped obo

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2021.12.02 22:37 hform123 (SDR) Should I ask for a raise to my base?

I'm the only SDR at a startup wrapping up Series C funding. December will be my 8th month. Have achieved my quota (10 appointments) and my "stretch quota" (15 appointments) every month so far averaging probably 17-18. Have recently been given a few more responsibilities (SalesForce upkeep & report creation, DocuSign upkeep, assisting SVP as needed). Our annual reviews are coming up and I feel like I can get a raise but not sure if that's appropriate. 55k base /72k OTE trending closer to 80-85k. I'm technically hourly so for larger non-sales projects I tend to get some overtime as well. Was thinking of asking for an extra 5k on my base for the additional responsibilities. Also going to push for defined steps for an AE promotion Thoughts?
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2021.12.02 22:37 SadWolverine24 Moderna Booster Shot After Pfizer Doses

I got two doses of the Pfizer vaccine in March and would like to get a booster shot now. I am thinking of getting the Moderna booster shot, is this a good idea? Or should I remain with Pfizer for all three shots?
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2021.12.02 22:37 realthrowuaway Seeking durable running wireless with good warranty(?). Seems costly & wasteful to have to re-buy every 2 years or so.

Are bluetooth headphones one of those things that are supposed to be replaced every 2 years? Seems pretty wasteful financially to be spending $100-200 every 2 years or so as well as the environmental impact. Are there any companies that offer really good warranties? IIRC, if you get a replacement headphone under warranty, then the new item wont be covered... so effectively you're just prolonging the inevitable.
I just got the Jabra Active Elite 75t, but read very mixed reviews about durability & terrible warranty experience. Not sure if re-buying the extended warranty is the most financially feasible. This involves getting a free replacement (or store credit) and re-buying a $30 warranty every time you need to replace them. Seriously sick of active headphones not being BIYL but maybe it's just asking too much of companies.
Some considerations:
- Relatively sweat/waterproof for running in light rain (hood/hat). The Jabra Actives are water-resistant rated at IP57
- Wireless, because wired options are very clunky to run with - Hear-through function for environmental/situational awareness, OR the option to run with one earbud.
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