Is there a way to transfer the gradient background in the block above into the hexagons below?

A system developed by David Tholen categorizes these bodies into C, S, and X types. The Kirkwood gaps lack these objects, and examples of them include Pallas and Vesta. Identify these astronomical bodies, examples of which exist in clusters in the Oort Cloud and a namesake belt between Mars and Jupiter. But molecular studies have determined that there is a gulf within the class of prokaryotes, dividing it into two distinct domains—the bacteria and the archaea—which are thought to have diverged from a common prokaryotic ancestor approximately 3.5 billion years ago. is a platform for academics to share research papers. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Above the view window is a handy toolbar that allows easier access to common tools. With the ability to create a double sided project you have easy access to switch between the Top and Bottom Sides of your project. The Layers Drop down bar has now moved from the drawing tab to the View Toolbar, making it accessible at all times. An elevation is a picture of the front of a building, set upright and properly drawn in the proportions of the contemplated work. Perspective is the method of sketching a front with the sides withdrawing into the background, the lines all meeting in the centre of a circle. All three come of reflexion and invention. 02. Above is an example, using one of the game's patterns. pat file (hatch pattern) allows you to copy the contents and save it in your support file or even add Bra Patterns Bra-Makers Supply is proud to offer a full line of Bra Patterns, designed and tested by Bra-Making expert Beverly V. it's all in the details . Every energy transfer or transformation increases the entropy (disorder) of the universe. For example, during every energy transformation, some energy is converted to thermal energy and released as heat: Light energy from the sun 10 begins with a new concept that puts photosynthesis into a big-picture ecological context. PdMo bimetallene, a highly curved and sub-nanometre-thick nanosheet of a palladium–molybdenum alloy, is an efficient and stable electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction and evolution reactions ... The above word art visualizes a set of reviews about the business messaging app, Slack. Dec 09, 2019 · The easiest way to create text pictures—also known as ASCII art—is by uploading an existing photo to a generator, but you can also create text pictures manually by importing an image into Microsoft Word.

2021.12.02 22:22 uninformedinvestor Is there a way to transfer the gradient background in the block above into the hexagons below?

I am not good at using this. I tried placing the block of gradient over all the hexagons and creating a clipping mask, but it is not working. Is there a way I can do this so the color is a smooth gradient across the hexagons? If I weren't already bald I'd be pulling my hair out. Thanks, hopefully!
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2021.12.02 22:22 TheP0w3r10154 LF Prism Scale FT: Negotiable

I'm tired of mining...
I can get you anything up until Route 216, and I have Brilliant Diamond if you need version exclusives. Thanks in advance for the help :>
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2021.12.02 22:22 All-Seeing-Bot 'Better Ways To Get To Jobs And Opportunities': Buttigieg Lauds Electric Buses In North Carolina | The Hill

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2021.12.02 22:22 RuthlessMercy LPT: When it's time to call 911, dial it yourself

If you're ever in a situation where someone needs to call 911, don't depend on others to do it, pick up the phone and dial.. most people assume someone else has already called, and many people freeze up and don't call
Classic "Someone dial 911!!" instead of yelling that out, pull out your phone and call them.
Stay close to the victim/victims/accident/incident (close enough without endangering yourself) the purpose is to be able to communicate and answer medical questions about the victim(s), follow the operators calls to go outside and lead the EMTs to the victim, or update them on the status of the victim if it changes suddenly so they can pass the info along to first responders.
I've been in 2 situations where this happened and no one called.. I know because I told the operators I'm sure someone has already called about this and they said no, you're the only person who has called 911 about this. I was shocked both times and glad I called.
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2021.12.02 22:22 scottobeach Bob Stoops talks about all of the stuff going on in Oklahoma, and even says by Monday OU should have a new coach!

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2021.12.02 22:22 DarthButane Unpopular Opinion: Most Bowl games are meaningless money grabs that reward mediocrity.

I understand the big bowl games (National Championship, Cotton, Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, etc.). But I don't believe that just because a team wins 5 or 6 games that a bowl game should exist for those teams. It seems meaningless and creates an illusion of accomplishment and success when in reality its just a reward for mediocrity. Aside from making money for advertisers, what is the point? "State University went 6-5, got 3rd in their conference and is now in the Bowl. It bothers me that there are a million bowl games without a consistent hierarchy of what they mean. Like wtf does going to the LendingTree bowl even mean?
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2021.12.02 22:22 DizzyG24 A pattern???🤔

The run to .39 happened 11/02 it’s 12/2 and it’s looking like another blast off could happen. Coincidence????
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2021.12.02 22:22 Automatic_Ad5671 18F hurting a lot right now and need someone to talk to.

theres a lot going on in my head and it hurts. i need someone to talk to. i need to get all of this out of my system. i dont have anyone else to talk to. im confused and i feel like im running in circles. i need more friends. i will listen to anything you have to get out too.
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2021.12.02 22:22 Flebberflep Unable to perform version check FIX!

Hey all,
I ran into the same issue as some people are having while trying to pre-download. I found this reddit post from a few years ago that fixed the issue for me and I'm currently downloading the new patch.
Have fun everyone!
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2021.12.02 22:22 kakamillano R/porn anyone know who she is this hijabi

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2021.12.02 22:22 Pretty_Reindeer_2088 Scam manufacturers

Next Level Drip co. is a scam. Do not use!
Had to learn the hard way.
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2021.12.02 22:22 ThatExoGuy The Thing In The Basement Is Getting Better At Mimicking People

I never had a close relationship with Sarah, my older half sister. She was born out of my Dad's earlier marriage, so by the time I came into the picture she was already a teenager. We didn't argue or fight, we simply never spent time together. I was starting kindergarten when she moved out, and she wasn't thrilled about having a younger brother.
I barely saw her as I got older, meeting only occasionally during holiday get-togethers or in the once in a blue moon visits. But we were on good terms, so when the cops called us a few days ago to let us know they found her body, I was devastated. Some neighbors apparently called 911 when they heard screams and saw smoke coming out of the house. After the firefighters put out a fire in the basement, they found some charred remains that they assumed were hers.
They couldn't identify her given the body's state, but all of the evidence pointed towards an accident. She didn't have a husband or kids, so the duty of burying her fell on us. The funeral was what you'd expect under such circumstances, lots of crying and mourning around a closed casket. But the deed was done, I was left an only child, and a few days later we took to scouring her house and doing an inventory of her belongings.
It was an all around unpleasant experience on many levels, it felt so wrong to go through her things like that. But with her only living relatives being my father and I, we inherited her house and possessions. We decided we didn't want them, so we’d sell almost everything. The plan was to only keep some of Sarah’s stuff as mementos, things like pictures and whatnot.
I went along with Dad to help, and we went room by room, cataloguing items one by one. Given the small size of the house it went pretty fast, but we started late into the day and so we wouldn't be able to finish by nightfall.
"One of the detectives wants to drop by later, says he has some more investigating to do," my Dad said as we were getting ready to leave. "He asked for someone to stay here tonight, but work won't allow me. Could you do it, champ?"
"Uh, sure," I mumbled, not in the least thrilled about the prospect.
Dad packed a small box of trinkets in his trunk, and off he went home. The only room we hadn’t gone into was the basement, and I wasn’t about to do it by myself. The wooden door leading into it was wide open, charred by the fire and black with soot. The basement iself was in a similar condition, ravaged by the fire and by the firemen’s attempts to put it out.
It unnerved me to no end, so I dragged a chair out on the porch and spent the evening there. I smoked half a pack of cigarettes and drank some old beer left behind in the fridge, all while the neighbors regarded me with curiosity. A few of them even approached me, giving me their condolences when they found out I was Sarah’s younger brother.
The detective finally arrived at sundown, pulling onto the street in an old beater car. He looked like your average guy when he stepped out, dressed in a cheap suit and a loose coat hanging on his shoulders.
"Hello, I am detective Markus," he introduced himself.
"Clancy, nice to meet you detective."
"I'd offer you a beer, but I assume you can't drink on duty."
"Eh, might as well," Markus said with a shrug of his shoulders. "I'm off the clock and I'll be here all night."
That took me by surprise, but who was I to argue with the man? I fetched him a chair and a beer, so he sat down and lit up a cigarette as well. We had some admittedly awkward small talk, but the subject quickly moved to Sarah and her death. Markus asked the usual questions: was she depressed? Did she go out, or was she a shut-in? Did she have any friends or romantic partners he could question?
All perfectly reasonable questions meant to dig up new leads, but I was the wrong person to try and answer them. I wasn't particularly close to Sarah, so I didn't know most of the answers that Markus wanted.
"Don't worry about it, I get it," he reassured me. "I don't speak much with my old man, for example. Couldn't tell you his birthday if you put a gun to my head, let alone what he's up to these days."
"It's just...I never imagined she'd go like this, you know? I'd have made an effort if I knew."
"Don't beat yourself up over it, kid. What's done is done."
It was getting late and darkness settled, so we went inside. I led Markus to the living room, and he shared some of the case details with me after we made ourselves comfortable.
"The reason I wanted to stay in the house overnight is this." As he spoke, he pulled out a smartphone and browsed some files on it. "I'll warn you, they're pretty...disturbing. If you want me to stop it at any moment, just say so."
He pressed play on an audio file, then laid the phone down on the small table between us. We both leaned in as Sarah's voice resounded from the speakers. I'll do my best to write down what she said from memory, as I don't have access to the recordings.
Recording 01
"Is this app working? Test, test. Oh, okay. Well, uhhh, my name is Sarah. I moved into this house two days ago, and I...uhhh...I heard some strange noises last night from the basement. I'm kinda' paranoid right now, cause I live here alone. So I'll leave my phone out to record them and hopefully find what’s up."
Recording 02
Some breathing is heard in the background and the phone gets set down. Footsteps walk away from the microphone, then it's quiet for a long time. Markus skips through most of the recording, as it is nearly 9 hours long.
About two hours in, around midnight, the microphone catches a distant crash. Some skittering follows, sounding like a cat running around on bathroom tiles. It goes on for a few hours, with long pauses between bouts.
"He...hello…" A deep voice calls out weakly.
"What the hell?" I let out. Markus paused the recording and looked at me.
"Do you want me to stop it?" He asked.
I contemplated his offer. On one hand, whatever followed had the potential to traumatize me for life. But on the other hand, the sheer curiosity would eat me up alive if I didn't find out more. So I gave in and told him to let it play.
"Hello," the voice calls again, this time sounding more human. " an...any one...anyone there…"
No one answers it. The voice falls silent, and the skittering carries it away from the microphone. No more sounds are heard that night.
Recording 03
"What the hell? What the hell?! I knew it, someone's living in my basement!"
Recording 04
"Okay, I...I calmed down a bit. I was terrified after I listened to the last recording, so I ran out of the house and called the cops. A squad car came after about half an hour, the bastards took their sweet time. But I showed them the recording, I went back inside accompanied by a cop, and we checked out the basement."
"No one was there. We turned the place inside out, we checked everything, but the room is small. No windows, no exits, and no place for someone to hide. The cops think that it was an intruder that broke in, but they couldn't find any signs of it."
"They said they'll patrol the neighborhood at night and keep on the lookout for any suspicious activity. One of them also asked me to keep recording, just in case."
Recording 05
"Okay, here goes. I'll leave the phone out tonight as well. The cop car just passed on the street, so I feel a bit safer."
The sound of the phone being placed down is heard, and Sarah’s footsteps follow. She leaves, and the recording is silent for a few hours. Markus skips ahead through it, until another distant crash is caught. The skittering returns, stopping a few feet away from the microphone.
”Hello?” The voice calls out. “Is anyone there?”
It sounds more...feminine than the last time. Still inhuman, sort of like an artificially generated voice, but verging on crossing the uncanny valley into natural sounding territory. It calls out a few more times over the span of a few hours, sounding more and more like a woman. When it becomes apparent that no one will answer its calls, the voice stops. The skittering takes it away from the microphone, and the rest of the recording is silent.
“This is getting...all kinds of freaky,” I mumbled.
“I know,” Markus admitted. “Never seen anything like it before. Do you recognize the voice by any chance?”
“Not a clue,” I admitted. “It doesn’t sound familiar.”
“I was afraid that would be the case,” Markus said with a sigh. “Sarah confirms a possible identity to the voice in a later recording, but I wanted to double check.”
“Then maybe show it to Dad,” I provided a solution. “He was closer to Sarah than me, he might have an idea.”
Markus fell silent for a long moment. He joined his hands beneath his chin and leaned forward, propping his elbows on the table. The look in his eyes turned grim and worried.
“I’m sorry, sonny,” he said out of the blue. “For all you’ve heard so far, and for all that’s to follow. But I’m glad it’s not your father that decided to stay, these recordings might just break him.”
“What?” I asked dumbfounded. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It will all make sense if you keep listening,” Markus answered.
The change in his demeanor was strange, and the night took an unnerving turn. I should’ve backed out, I should’ve kicked him out, I should’ve done a lot of things differently. But my curiosity mounted to levels beyond my ability to rein it in. So I proceeded to listen further.
Recording 06
"What the hell?! That was Mom!"
Sarah cries into the microphone for a few minutes before the recording ends.
Recording 07
"I’m...I’m not gonna call the cops anymore. That was Mom calling out. I don’t...I want to talk to her, she’s been gone for so long."
Recording 08
"Okay, I’ve calmed down a bit. I hope. I’ll wait here tonight."
The recording is silent for a long time. It turns off abruptly after about half an hour.
“Do you know anything about Sarah’s mother?” Markus asked me.
I jumped back in my chair at the sudden interjection, completely absorbed by my thoughts.
“Not really,” I admitted. “She died before I was born, it was why Dad remarried.”
Markus gave me a thoughtful nod of his head in answer, and he played the next recording.
Recording 09
”It’s back, I’ll start another recording.”
The scurrying returns. Sarah’s breathing is audible in the background, and it gets faster as the sound approaches her. A chair creaks, presumably as she gets up, and her footsteps join the skittering in the background.
”Hello?” The same woman’s voice from the previous recording calls out.
”Who are you?”
”Who are you?” The voice repeats Sarah’s words back to her.
”Mom?” Sarah cries out in a trembling voice.
“Mom?” The voice repeats her words again.
“Who the hell are you?! How do you have my mother’s voice?!”
”Who are you?” The voice repeats.
Footsteps resound again, approaching the voice as it says the same line over and over.
”Answer me!” Sarah demands.
Knocking is heard, as if someone bashes a door with their fist.
”Answer me,” the voice cooes.
”What do you want?”
The voice lets out a few garbled words, but they are unintelligible. Its pitch and intonation adjust before it speaks again.
”Sarah, my dear, is that you?”
I was left stupefied. The uncanny valley was finally crossed, and the voice sounded decidedly human for the first time. It held none of the animalistic traits from before. The subtle anger and malice in it was gone, replaced by a deep sense of compassion and worry.
”I hav...haven’t in so long,” the voice continued.
Sarah weeps silently in the background, but she doesn’t answer the voice again. It, however, keeps calling out.
”I’ve...I’ve miss...missed you, my dear…”
Footsteps sound out as Sarah backs away, and the voice grows distant. It calls out, over and over again, but the facade cracks. It can’t maintain its grasp on the charade for long, and it devolves back into the uncanny valley slowly.
The footsteps pick up speed until they turn into a run. After a few seconds, the voice becomes inaudible. A door is opened and closed shut with force, and Sarah starts crying uncontrollably. The recording stops.
“The recordings are timestamped,” Markus said. “After this one ended, Sarah didn’t make another one for a few days.”
Considering what I’d just heard, I didn’t know what to answer. I kept silent, mulling over my own thoughts and feelings on the matter. As intriguing as the situation was, I mostly felt horrified and sorry for Sarah. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what must’ve gone through her head after living through that.
“Why are you showing me all of this?” I asked Markus after a while. “If you really are a detective and part of the police force, you’d lock stuff like this away behind ten locks and keys.”
Markus leaned back in his own chair, thinking my question over. He pulled out his crumpled up pack of cigarettes and retrieved one from it. I pushed the ashtray closer to his side of the table as he lit it up, and he bellowed out a cloud of white smoke.
“All in due time,” he answered. His eyes scanned me in a fashion completely different from before, with a cold and calculated look behind them. “What do you think so far?”
“I...fuck, I don’t know. What the hell is going on?”
“Answer me, Clancy, and be honest,” he demanded. “Whether or not I’ll show you more depends on it.”
I racked my brain, but I was truly and utterly stumped. The situation devolved too fast for me to keep up, and I didn’t know what to think anymore. But I could tell that that wasn’t the answer Markus wanted.
“It’s...I don’t know. A ghost? A demon? A skinwalker?” I hazarded a guess.
Markus seemed surprised by that. He pushed the cigarette away from his face, letting out another lungful of smoke.
“And do you believe that?” He asked bluntly. “That it could be something...supernatural?”
“What the fuck else could it be?” I answered his question with another. “What do you think it is?”
“What I think is irrelevant, I want to know what you believe.”
“That’s what I believe,” I answered. “I didn’t know Sarah well, but she wouldn’t fake something like this. So either she was haunted by something, or you’re messing with me.”
“That’s the correct answer,” Markus said with a satisfied smirk. He put out the cigarette in the ashtray and leaned over the phone, placing a finger over its screen. “So how about it? Do you want to hear more?”
“Why would I want that?”
“Do you, or do you not, Clancy? No hard feelings either way, I can’t force you to listen.”
“I…yeah. Start the next one.”
I don’t know for sure why I decided that. We could sit here all day while I blame curiosity or, more likely, stupidity, but those answers would be half-truths at best. It didn’t feel like a want at the time, it felt like a need. I needed to go through with it, I needed to hear all of it. The reasons I felt that way didn’t matter at that moment.
“I have a good feeling about you, kid,” Markus mumbled as his finger tapped the screen and started the next recording.
Recording 10
”I don’t know what to do anymore, it’s driving me nuts. Whoever’s messing with me comes back every night, I hear them even now.”
The microphone picks up footsteps, and a door creaks open slowly. Faint mumbling comes from the distance, accompanied by the familiar skittering. It pauses for a brief moment before it speaks up.
”Sarah, my dear,” the voice calls out, not entirely human. “Please, I just…”
The door closes shut with a loud thud, and Sarah retreats back into the room.
”I tried a lot of things over the past few days. It calls from the basement, so I got locks and put them on the door. They’re untouched, so whoever it is isn’t coming from outside of the house. It hides in there somewhere.”
”I called the cops again while the thing was there, but it left when the cops arrived. The two officers asked me to unlock the door and they checked the basement again, but lo and behold, it’s as empty as last time. I’m not sure what they think of me, maybe they suspect I’m fucking with them, so I can’t rely on their help.”
”I even told Amy about the thing and showed her the recordings, so she slept over yesterday. The thing somehow knew I wasn’t alone because it didn’t make a peep the entire night. I’m not sure if Amy believes me or not anymore, hell I wouldn’t believe me if I were her. But she offered a solution: get a roommate or a boyfriend, someone to live with me. It could work, but I...I don’t know anymore.”
“Do you know this Amy?” Markus asked as the recording ended.
“I think Sarah mentioned her a few times, but I never met her.”
I looked over my shoulder as I answered, at the corridor leading to the kitchen. The basement door was on one of the walls there, and I could see the locks mentioned in the recording. They hung open on the door, but they were still intact. Markus snapped his fingers to get my clearly distracted attention, then he pointed down at the phone.
“Want to keep going?” He asked once more.
“Before I hit play, I want to ask you something again. Did you by any chance suffer any...mental trauma? As a child, or even recently. Something that shook you to your core.”
I raised an eyebrow at the strange question.
“No, why?”
“You’re taking all of this surprisingly well. Your mental fortitude is pretty high,” Markus answered. “That’s sometimes a sign of...never mind.”
He hit play before I could pry him for more details, so I fell silent to not miss it. But I made up my mind, when it was over Markus would have a lot of answering to do.
Recording 11
”I’ve tried my best to ignore it. I slept at friend’s houses some nights, but that’s getting harder to pull off. I tried looking for roomates, but no one wants to share a small house with this stupid pandemic around. And my search for a boyfriend is just as fruitless, I’m...I’m getting a bit old for the dating scene. I’ll keep at it, but from the looks of things everyone’s mostly down to fuck and not much else. I don’t want to resort to frequent one night stands.”
”The police still answer my calls, thankfully, but they’re not doing much. Even their patrols are getting less and less frequent. I’m at a total loss here, I’ve considered selling the house and moving but I can’t afford that.”
”Dad might be my last resort, maybe I can move in with him and...and his wife and son. We’re not exactly friends though, so who knows. And I can’t risk telling them, there’s no chance in hell they’ll take me in if they think I’m crazy.”
Hearing that, hearing her opinion of me and Mom, it stung. Sure, we weren’t more than acquaintances, but we’re not horrible people. We would’ve taken Sarah in if she reached out to us, so to know that her salvation was so close, kept at bay only by superficial assessments of us, sucked. Plain and simple. And if she would’ve showed us the recordings, we might’ve even believed her, especially Dad.
“Play the next one,” I demanded before Markus had a chance to say anything.
“You sure? You sound a bit riled up, maybe…”
“Play. It.”
Markus sighed deeply, but he did as he was told.
Recording 12
*"It's still here, it won't go the fuck away! I haven't talked to it in almost a month now, but it's still here! It's going to drive me insane for real!"
"I can't take it anymore, I'll confront it again tonight. Maybe I can find out what the fuck it wants, or get some answers."
Recording 13
The recording starts, and it is quiet save for static for a few moments. Sarah takes a deep breath and a barely audible step.
”Are you there?”
The skittering returns, coming closer to the microphone than ever before. It sounds more frantic than usual.
”Of course, my dear,” the voice says sweetly. “I’m always here.”
”You stop that, you hear me?! Stop using her voice!”
”Sarah, I…”
”I said stop! I know you’re not her!”
The voice coughs loudly. It changes as it does, slowly morphing and growing deeper. When it stops, it sounds male.
”Sarah, honey…”
I paused hearing that. It was Dad’s voice, no doubt about it. Although it sounded ever so slightly off, I could recognize it. Up to that point, my running theory was that the thing could mimic the dead. But Dad is still very much alive, so that threw my theory under the bus. I didn’t know what to believe anymore.
”What do you want?”
”I just want to see you, open the door.”
Sarah backs away as her breathing grows faster.
”Please, honey,” the voice begs again. “It’s dark down here, I just…”
”Shut up!”
Sarah runs away from the door as the voice’s calls continue in the background.
“That was your father, correct?” Markus asked when the recording ended.
“And what does that tell us?”
I pondered the question for a moment.
“It’s not a skinwalker, like I thought at first. I don’t know much about them, but like, skinwalkers need to kill their victims to copy them, right?”
“Not necessarily,” Markus answered. “But they do need to hear the voice they’re trying to copy. And anyways, a skinwalker could’ve broken down the door.”
“So it’s something else,” I deduced. “But what?”
“I’m not sure yet.”
He went to play the next recording, but I stopped him.
“Where do you know so much about skinwalkers from?”
Markus chuckled drily.
“All in due time, Clancy. We still have a few recordings to go through.”
He hit play on the next recording, so we listened.
Recording 14
”It’s not just Mom and Dad anymore, the damn thing has so many voices now. Amy, my ex boyfriend Clint, random voices I can’t place. Hell, it even used the voices of those two police officers that went down in the basement looking for it.”
” keeps calling for me. Pleading and begging, feigning confusion, asking to be let out. But I won’t do it, I won’t open that damn door ever again. Fuck whatever I keep down there, it can have my stuff for all I care.”
”I’m tired. I can’t sleep because of it. It’s getting so hard to do anything, I swear. Today I almost got fired for mixing up customer orders for the twentieth time. I nearly snapped at the manager, but I stopped at the last second and apologized. Some coworkers noticed I’m acting off and asked me about it, but I can’t tell them. They’ll think I’m crazy. Hell, I’m starting to think I might be crazy myself.”
Recording 15
That’s as far as I got into that particular recording. I slapped my hand over the phone, with enough force to send cracks into the glass surface of the table. Markus jumped back in his chair, taken by surprise.
“What the hell?!” I let out. “That’s my fucking voice!”
“I knew this one would get to you,” Markus answered with a half grin. “Or, well, get to you more than the others.”
“I never visited Sarah here,” I stressed. “It couldn’t have heard my voice, so how the fuck did it copy me?”
“Think, Clancy. Did it ever hear Sarah’s dead mother?” Markus answered my question with another. “For how long has she been dead?”
“Twenty years,” I said as I finally understood.
“So what does that tell you?”
“It doesn’t need to hear people’s voices.”
“Correct,” Markus said, satisfied by my breakthrough.
“So what, it can read minds?”
“Maybe?” Markus said, scratching his chin. “At the very least, it can form a...connection with people. But until we catch it and see for ourselves, I can’t say for certain.”
“Catch it,” I echoed his words. “Is that what this is all about? You want to catch it?”
Markus wiped his smirk off his face and looked at me intently.
“Yes, Clancy. Either catch it or kill it, and solve your sister’s case.”
“So what, are you…”
But Markus didn’t let me finish. He pushed my hands away from the phone’s screen and hit play on the recording, interrupting me.
“All in due time,” he repeated once more.
”Sis, are you there?” It repeats in my own voice.
*It’s been some time since Sarah’s first recording of the mysterious voice, and it sounds thoroughly human at this point. No more cracks in its facade can be gleamed.
”Listen to me, and listen well. I won’t put up with this anymore. You have tonight to leave my house and leave me the fuck alone. I’ll go to bed, I’ll plug in some earphones, and I’ll ignore you. If I hear you again tomorrow night, you can bet your ass I’ll come down there and end you, whoever or whatever you are. Understood?”
She sounds...different somehow. Worried. Tired. Manic.
”Please, sis, for fuck’s sake open the door and let me out.”
”And why would I do that? How’d you get down there, anyway?”
”I...fuck, I don’t know. I can’t remember. But it’s scary down here. Let me out, please.”
“It copies your mannerisms well, it’s spot on actually,” Markus interrupted.
“It does,” I admitted, feeling the color in my face draining little by little as I listened.
“Given enough time to learn, that thing could be a top predator.”
“And let me guess, you can’t let that happen.”
“We can’t let that happen,” Markus corrected.
“All in due time,” I replied and pushed play on the recording.
Sarah doesn’t say anything else. Her footsteps carry her away from the basement door, and the voice pleads in the background. It shifts back and forth between different people, quick and almost seamless. For short periods of time between the adjustments, glimpses of the animalistic nature make it through.
The recording ends after Sarah closes the door to her bedroom.
Recording 16
”Okay so I can’t get a firearm, I don’t have the money for that. And I don’t even know how to handle one anyway. And fuck me, gasoline’s getting pretty expensive too, but I could afford a canister worth a few gallons and a box of matches.”
”The current plan is simple: I’ll fuck that thing up if I hear it again tonight. I’ll pour gasoline into the basement through the crack beneath the door, and I’ll light it on fire from up here. Fuck the house, fuck the authorities, fuck the repercussions, I can’t let it live. I don’t care if I end up in prison or a looney bin so long as it dies here.”
“My God, Sarah…” I mumbled as the recording ended.
Hearing her in that state of mind broke my heart. No one deserves to go through what she did, and the fact that we didn’t help her sooner, that none of us made an effort to be in her life, it ate me up inside. We could’ve made a difference, I could’ve made a difference. Maybe then, this tragedy would’ve had a better ending.
“There’s only one more to go,” Markus said.
He leaned over the table and slapped a hand down on my shoulder, giving me a tight squeeze. I nodded my head as I felt tears forming at the corners of my eyes, and signaled for him to play it.
Recording 17
”The fucker is still here. I warned it, I tried to be nice, I really did. What more could anyone ask of me?”
A liquid sloshes around in the background, presumably the gasoline. Her breathing is strained and close to the microphone. Metal rings out as it hits the floor.
”Sarah? It calls out, in the voice of her mother.
”I warned you!” Something topples to the floor, and the sound of rushing liquid is heard. “This is on you, it’s not my fault!”
”Sarah, please!” The voice yells, more desperate than ever. “What are you doing?!”
”What I said I would! You didn’t listen, why didn’t you listen?!”
”Please, Sarah! You don’t have to do this! Just...let me out, please!”
”Enough! Stop using her fucking voice!”
*The thing falls silent. Sarah takes a deep breath, and the sound of gasoline pouring out of the canister dies down as it presumably runs out. Her clothes rustle as she searches her pockets, and she shakes the matchbox when she finds it. The sounds of the matches jumping around inside is the only audible thing for a moment.”
”You know what that is, don’t you?”
She opens the box and fumbles around with the matches for a moment. The voice doesn’t answer her, but instead skitters away from the door frantically. Sarah takes one final breath, and the sound of a match being struck is heard loud and clear.
”Get fucked.”
The microphone doesn’t pick up the lit match hitting the ground, but it picks up the gasoline igniting. Air rushes in as the flames begin to burn, and Sarah lets out a yelp. The voice begins to scream loudly, rapidly switching back and forth.
“Please!” It lets out one final call, for the first time using Sarah’s voice.
The recording ended, leaving me wrapped up in a whirlwind of emotions. I was horrified, I was stupefied, I was strangely glad for it to finally be over. I was a mess, to put it bluntly. My body felt like it melted into the seat. But I quickly composed myself when I remembered that Markus still had some questions to answer.
“Did Sarah kill it? Did we bury a monster instead of her?” I asked in a single breath.
“I don’t know,” Markus answered. “It could very well be the case, but then…”
“Then where is she?”
“Exactly, plus a lot of other things don’t line up. But to be fair, they didn’t line up no matter which angle I went at it from. All that we know for certain right now is that someone died in a fire.”
“So, monster hunter, huh?” I asked after a few moments of heavy silence.
“Pretty much,” Markus answered. “I’m the one they call when shit gets spooky, and let me tell you, this shit is very fucking spooky.”
“Okay, but all of this still doesn’t answer the most important thing: why show me this? Any of this?” I asked.
Markus lit up another cigarette and leaned back in his chair. For the first time since he entered the house, he seemed truly comfortable, like he had nothing left to hide.
“We’re always on the lookout for new recruits, so consider tonight your entry test,” he admitted. “You’re a bit...rough around the edges, but you seem like a decent candidate to me.”
“Me? A monster hunter? You can’t be serious,” I shot back with disbelief.
Markus just shrugged his shoulders.
“You’ll never know unless you try, I sure as shit didn’t. Never expected to hunt the things that go bump in the night before I tried.”
“And what if I refuse?” I asked. “Will you kill me? Or erase my memory or something?”
At that, Markus just laughed out loud.
“If you don’t want to, you don’t want to. Simple as. You can try to tell anyone, but who’s gonna believe you?”
I frowned, and Markus caught on that he struck a nerve. So he composed himself and got up, taking the phone and stashing it in his pocket.
“Look, kid, it’s like I told you time and time again tonight. I can’t force you to do anything. But consider it, okay?” As he said that, he pulled out a business card that he tossed on the table in front of me. “The world desperately needs more people like us, if there were more of us to go around then maybe…”
“Maybe what happened here would’ve been stopped sooner.”
“Yeah. It might be too late for your sister, but you could make the difference for someone else. If you make up your mind, doesn’t matter if it’s tomorrow or a year from now, give me a call. And take care.”
With that, Markus left. I saw him to the door and closed it behind him, then I went to crash into bed. My entire worldview was shattered tonight, and I decided to get some rest before I tried to make sense of the pieces.
The following days were uneventful, but even so, the strain of that night hung over me. It permeated my thoughts at all times, permanently active in the background as it burrowed deeper and deeper. Dad returned, we finished clearing the house, and he put it up for sale. But I couldn’t focus on that, not when every other thought I had was about those damn recordings.
In the end, I had to stay over for a little while longer despite my constant complaints. Because of the slummy neighborhood and sketchy neighbors, Dad didn’t want the house to go unoccupied.
“That’s basically asking for thieves and punks to break in,” he explained. “And it’s gonna be hard to sell it if squatters make nests here. So just hang on for a little while longer, okay?”
I wanted to fight him on the matter, to tell him he could stay over himself if he was that worried, but I didn’t. I couldn’t, not when I knew the truth about what went down. He wouldn’t be another death on my conscience. So I lived in the house for another week or so, helping out with renovations and whatnot. And truth be told, it wasn’t all that bad. It was a bit creepy, sure, but the freedom of living on my own was oddly pleasant.
One evening, after he went home and I was left all alone, I heard a knock on the door. I slowly made my way over to answer, expecting either him or Markus, but who I found on the other side left me terrified.
It was Sarah.
“Hey, Clancy,” she greeted, sounding almost casual.
“…” I let out in a meek voice as my tears started to flow.
“I have a lot of explaining to do, I know, but…”
I didn’t let her finish. I jumped her, latching my arms around her shoulders as I bawled my eyes out. She put her arms around me as well, and we hugged for minutes in the doorway as I cried.
“What happened? Where were you?!” I asked when we finally parted. “We...we buried you! We thought you were dead!”
“I’m sorry,” she answered. “A lot happened, and I had some problems. I ended up running away to a friend for a while, and…” She sighed. “It’s a long story, okay? And very crazy.”
“Tell me about it,” I said, rubbing away the tears. “Call Dad and tell him to come over, he needs to know you’re okay asap.”
“Actually, it would be better for you to do it, I don’t want to give him a heart attack.”
“Good point,” I admitted. “We kinda’ got rid of most of the furniture, but make yourself comfortable. I’ll call him and join you.”
“Don’t take long,” she said, and went inside to find somewhere to sit.
I watched her walk down the corridor towards the kitchen, pausing by the basement door. She looked at it for a long moment, then she continued on her way. I pulled out my phone and Markus’s card, unsure about what to do. The thing’s facade was good, damn near perfect, but as it spoke those last words its voice cracked just a little.
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2021.12.02 22:22 AwfulChief78 How do I say no?

I can’t seem to refuse my dealers when they ask if I want anything. I talk about turning it down all the time when they aren’t around, but as soon as I hear from or see them I fold like a deck of cards.
I am going to die, soon, if I don’t stop. How do I get clean?
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2021.12.02 22:22 iamtheiam44 Did anyone's Chromebook have issues after Dec 1?

I had to do a factory reset awhile back and my Chromebook has been stable since then. Then yesterday it wouldn't turn on again. I got it back online (with USB backup) but then today the Chromebook just shut off randomly and gave me the "Chrome OS is Missing or Damaged" screen again. I hit the power button and it restarted as normal (with all my information still there). But I'm worried about the stability of the computer at this point.
Any one else experience this? I'm wondering if anyone had the issue after the month change. Just a theory. Probably nothing. Many thanks.
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