The Future Of Halo

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2021.12.02 22:35 ISTEALTHl The Future Of Halo

Halo Infinite: The Fanatic Story (Hopefully 343/Microsoft Sees This)
Hello to the Halo Community. I would share my real name, but I would rather share my gamertag. I go by: I STEALTH l. For a significant amount of time, I’ve journeyed off from gaming, consisting of playing through story/adventure modes, (involving completionism), online gaming, and playing competitively. Once upon a time, the only thing I enjoyed doing was playing video games in the urban community I grew up in. Going outside around my neighborhood wasn’t the best thing in the world to do, and for some reason, Halo: Combat Evolved captivated me so much to the point where I was gorilla-glued to the Samsung boxed television set I had at the time. Through the years, it motivated me to purchase legendary edition Halo games, limited edition consoles, and now, the limited edition Halo: Infinite Console along with the Halo: Infinite Pro Elite Series 2 controller, which I and my clan find VERY appealing and worthy of much praise. However, I’m also apart of what has been going on in our community, (yes, I’m proud to admit that I’m apart of that), and I’m sure you know what that involves. The progression system, monetization, customization, cheating, balanced matchmaking, playlists, and the overall FAN BASED appreciation of a 20 year franchise that captivated me ALL OVER AGAIN… My main discussion of this story is to find the answer to, “How will I remember Halo: Infinite, FOREVER?...”
The first thing I’ll begin with is ALL OF THE HYPE: The buzz on the big YouTube content creators. I admire people like, “KevinKoolx, Proximity, The Act-Man, HiddenXperia (My favorites), Installation00, SeanW (You’re HILARIOUS my bro), Footed Ghost,” and many more. There’s a ton of things they discuss, but there’s also a couple of things they ALL MENTION: First thing is “The Progression System.” Personally, I don’t care much for a progression system because when it comes to online gaming, all I care about is me being able to play, FOR FREE (Good Job!). I’m a Hardcore Halo fan, you can win me over with almost anything relating to it, BUT, I did keep in mind that not everyone has the same perception as I do. Yes, Halo fans like me have been waiting for this game for YEARS, and some of us like to climb ladders with ALL OF THE STEPS FIXED. I’m very pleased to know you mentioned that you hear us loud and clear, so when looking into it, the progression system at hand will have grinders and certain fanatics (not ones like me, lol), stuck on the game playing for COUNTLESS hours… Maybe there’s a surprise waiting for us next Wednesday and I’m speaking too fast, but if not, gamers are in for a hell of a timeclock! Second point bluntly said, the filler awards consisting of challenge swaps and EXP boosts are such a tease after hearing 343 say there’s MILLIONS of ways to customize your spartan, and that is my main next point.
Customization has ALWAYS been a strongpoint to the Halo franchise. Before with armor, you had to find all skulls, complete certain missions, BEAT THE CAMPAIGN ON LEGENDARY, save up in-game currency, do things INSIDE OF THE GAME ITSELF to achieve these things that the HALO COMMUNITY loves. Now, it seems like you’re changing the once loved system to a monetization cash grab where we have to buy everything we love, INCLUDING fan favorite armor (ANUBIS for example). I’ll mention this one more time, I don’t care about the armor, I’m a Hardcore Halo fan, I’ll play with the same armor FOREVER, but you have some fans who loves to customize their armor ALMOST all the time. Now, you’re taking that away from them and you may be losing out on more dedicated fans than you think. The community understands that the game is FREE TO PLAY, I personally LOVE that, but to distort the fundamental elements of a 20 year franchise will have more of an impact over time than the time frame you’re predicting shows you. I would like to also point out that yes, the cosmetics/customization IS NOT a necessity to play the game, but it will stop the influence of many players who valued that asset. It will make people who are fed up with the last few years of Halo just drop the game and stop playing. I already know a handful of people in a tight decision between cancelling their hard copy pre-order because of it. Please look into watering down the flow of money you all are asking from us.
CHEATING? I HATE IT! I FUCKING HATE IT! Sorry for all of the profanity, but I believe that is the reason why you should NOT RELEASE THE RANKED PLAYLIST I want to come back to the game, and I could be wrong, don’t quote me lol. However, THE COMMUNITY wants these back!: FREE FOR ALL, 1V1, TEAM DOUBLES, TEAM SLAYER, SWAT, SHOTTY SNIPERS, INFECTION, ETC.! 343, YOU KNOW WHAT WE WANT AND WHAT WE LOVE! I had to put these 3 categories in the same paragraph (RANKING, PLAYLISTS, AND CHEATING) and SNAP about them AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! If this is the approach to limiting the ranked playlist to catch those Sons of BITCHES then take ALL THE TIME YOU NEED! This hardcore Halo fan DESPISES CHEATERS, and I need you all to do players like me a HUGE favor: ERADICATE IT!!! Use the monetization money you make to hire a squad of ANTI-CHEATERS and HUNT THEM DOWN!!! Halo is an E-Sports game, and if you don’t get rid of this issue, this game will PLUMMET and WE ALL KNOW IT! …We would appreciate old school maps too, LIKE LOCKOUT, GUARDIAN, BEAVER CREEK, you know, the GOAT maps! Just saying, lolol.
I’m not going to rant too much though. A Halo fan like me loves this game and will play NO MATTER WHAT. I’m just thinking about the Halo Community as a whole and thinking outside of the box. We don’t mind spending money, especially if its really cool. Shit, I’ll even buy one if I find it that appealing. Fortunately, Halo: Reach was one of my favorite games and I have Juns Helmet already, which is also MY FAVORITE SPARTAN, the sole survivor of Noble Team, and the leader of the Spartan IV Program. I’ll play with that one Forever... My only concern and question is, “How will I remember Halo: Infinite?” Will I see this game as a game that had SO MUCH HYPE for years and died down after a few months, or be proud that I purchased the limited edition console and pro elite controller because the games potential was reached to the fullest and ACTUALLY LASTED FOR 10 YEARS AS PROMISED? Will this game have the 20 year community uplifted, or disappointed because it turned out to be a failure, leaving the TRUE HALO FANS in utter, mental, and gaming grief?... Only time will tell, but I will make sure that for the next few months, I’m here to have fun, and close this year out knowing that it at least closed up 2021 for me with high hopes. Let us see what the future holds 343/Microsoft/Returning Bungie Staff/Shareholders/Unknown parties…
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2021.12.02 22:35 karmicthunda Beyond proud of this

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2021.12.02 22:35 Nice-Macaroon5305 Gatita Yan - Sex.Tape

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2021.12.02 22:35 Routine_Penalty1241 Fact: my oc called Morgan was based in Manny pardo from the game hotline Miami 2 (but my oc is an actual detective)

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2021.12.02 22:35 peejmom What was this 1970s JCPenney scanner technology ?

When I was a preschooler in the mid-late 1970s, my mom did a lot of our family's clothes shopping at JCPenney. I remember that their cashiers used some kind of scanner thing that had a white light, which they would point at the tags. My tiny nerd brain was fascinated by this thing -- in fact, I used to pretend play JCPenney cashier at home with a flashlight.
I know this wasn't a standard laser barcode scanner like grocery stores used. Although they technically did exist at the time, those had red lights and didn't appear in stores we shopped until maybe 5-7 years later at the earliest. And they were much bigger -- the early ones were always built into the counter, never handheld -- and the JCPenney tool was handheld.
This tool was very much like a flashlight that was plugged into the cash register. They would place it in direct contact with the tag and you could see the white light shining through from the other side.
Anyone else remember this? What was that tool? What was it doing? How did it work? I've spent 40+ years wondering, and I still haven't the slightest idea.
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2021.12.02 22:35 aparkatatanbaksir lütfen yardım edin sanırım bana şeytani bir varlık musallat oldu çok korkuyorum

çok kötü olaylar yaşadım en son düzgün uyuyabildiğim tek gece 1 yıl önceydi. ne olduysa bir bok oldu tam 1 yıldır gözüme tek damla uyku girmiyor her gece uyandırılıyorum ya da uyanıyorum bilmiyorum yardıma ihtiyacım var. bundan 1 yıl önce her şey çok iyiydi hayatım çok güzeldi kız arkadaşım vardı arkadaş ortamım falan vardı her gün takılır bir evde toplanır sevgililerimizi getirir 5 kız 5 erkek şişe çevirmece falan oynardık hayal gibi bir ortam da takılırdık bir gün ne olduysa toplandığımız yerden ayrılıp eve dönerken taş bir çimento duvarın içinde bir oyuk gördüm ve içinde küçücük böyle bir kitap gibi bir şey vardı kitap açtım ve bu bildiğimiz mini cep kuranıydı ancak içinde ki bütün sayfalara kırmızı yazıyla büyük büyük tek bir harf yazmışlar ben böyle şeylerden korktuğum için aldım onu hemen bir imama götürdüm ona bırakıp gittim o olaydan sonra ne olduysa artık hayatım mahvoldu. her gece saat kaç olursa olsun ne zaman uyumaya çalışırsam çalışayım tam uyanıklıkla uykunun arasında gezip tam uykuya dalarken bir den odamın kapısı paat diye kapanıyor yatağımdan fırlıyorum kalbim patlayacak gibi oluyor. kalkıyorum kapıyı sımsıkı kapatıyorum arkasına yastık falan koyuyorum kapalı olduğundan emin oluyorum sonra tekrar yatağa geçip tam uykuya dalacakken tam o uykuya geçiş anında paaat kapı bir daha çarpıyor ölecek gibi oluyorum korkudan beynim patlayacak gibi oluyor kapıyı kapattığımdan bu kadar eminken bu nasıl olabiliyor anlam veremiyorum. sadece bu da değil ayda yılda 1 kere de uykuya dalsam bile o zaman da üstümde ki yorgan nasıl oluyorsa ben ne kadar defa üstümü örtersem örteyim yorgan üstümden açılıyor ve titriyorum. yazın bile olsa hava yanıyor olsa bile o yorgan bir şekilde üstümden kalkıyor ve ben o sicakta tir tir donarak titrediğimden dolayı tekrar uyanmak zorunda kalıyorum. daha kötüsü bu gece yaşadığım en kötü olaylardan birisini yaşadım artık dayanılmayacak kadar kötü bir noktadayım o yüzden sizden yardım istiyorum. bu gece üstümde ki yorganı sımsıkı örtmüştüm açılmaması için o kadar sıkı tutuyordum ki bir yandan da yorganın ucunu ayağıma dolamıştım ve nihayetinde zor da olsa uykuya tam daldım derken birden bacağıma çok soğuk bir elin dokunduğunu hissettim öylesine korktum ki 10. katta oturmamıza rağmen hemen aklıma camdan aşağı atlamak geldi yataktan öyle hızlı sıçrayıp kalktım ki ben bile anlamadım ne çabuk pencereye ulaştım. pencereyi açmak için hemen elim pencerenin koluna uzandı ama gözlerime inanamadım pencerenin kolu yoktu açılmıyordu en az 30 40 saniye boyunca 40 cm karelik pencere de açacak kol arıyordum artık ayağıma dokunan eli falan unuttum kol aramaya koyuldum o sıra da hayatım boyunca asla unutamayacağımdan emin olduğum bir şey farkettim. birisi ensemin dibinde nefes alıp veriyordu resmen kafamdan aşağı kaynar sular dökülüyor gibi oldu beynimden vurulmuş gibi oldum hemen arkamı döndüm ama hiç bir şey yoktu tekrar geri pencereye dönüp baktığımda aralıksız 2 dakikadır aradığım pencerenin kolu tam önümde duruyordu artık orada pes ettim ve ne yapacağımı bilemedim o yüzden sizden yardım istiyorum lütfen yardım edin
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2021.12.02 22:35 y_ourfutureself I need some help with my balls.

Hello, I've recently made the purchase of Ikea's HUVUDROLL meatballs, however, my bastard son threw out the packaging like the bitch he is, and I now have no idea how to assemble my balls. Thank you for your help.
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2021.12.02 22:35 antdude Crime Cities game is free!

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2021.12.02 22:35 TheNextBlGThing Britt Baker D.M.D.

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2021.12.02 22:35 xXBloodyGodXx Saw this on r/oddlysatisfying, immediately new it was Subaru’s leaked practice tapes for the sports festival

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2021.12.02 22:35 yorty_3039 Which city is worth traveling?

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2021.12.02 22:35 ltlrags I can't help but feel partially responsible

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2021.12.02 22:35 MamaN00dles Do your worst, Reese can take it.

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2021.12.02 22:35 LengthinessWise4462 Suggestion

Let players have their own timer that resets each day at the same time that cannot be changed unless its been 24h without mining.
We have lives to live, we the soon to be updated system, we will be loosing a bit of time each day, which sucks.
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2021.12.02 22:35 NightWizard122 How to destroy blocks of a tilemap during runtime?

So I need to know how to make it that when colliding with a collision shape, the blocks that collided with the collision shape will be destroyed, I couldn't find a clear answer in the godot docs, anybody know how to do this? Thanks
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2021.12.02 22:35 Spirited_Frosting_83 Horrible Poster Quality

Before I say anything I have contacted support. So I bought a poster and it just came in today but the quality is horrible it looks so blurry and low res but according to the site for returns you pay for shipping and everything and after paying for all of that it would cost me more to send it back then I originally paid is there any solutions or am I better off just keeping it?
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2021.12.02 22:35 AloneSmg Out of 10 tins.

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2021.12.02 22:35 Aeromarine_eng Scientists Plan Private Mission to Hunt for Earth like Exoplanets around Alpha Centauri. A privately funded space-based telescope seeks habitable worlds in our nearest neighboring star system, potentially sparking a new wave of exoplanetary exploration.

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2021.12.02 22:35 lVlarsquake Marie 📆

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2021.12.02 22:35 RandyStonerField I have asked her to hang out multiple times this week and she has been busy each time. Should I put the ball in her court?

Should I put the ball in her court?
Alright so this girl and I have been talking for quite a bit of time. We have been on 4 dates but only have made out on our last date. We both went home for a thanksgiving break but we talked all day over the break and had plans to see each other later in the week. . However, I had finals coming up next week, so I told her I’d be not available during then and wanted to see if she wanted to hang out the Sunday we got back from break. She said she was busy and had to study. Then on Monday she told me that she was unable to hang out like we had planned Bc she had to go home. So today I asked her to hang out tomorrow again (It second time asking that week) and she just texted me that said she was busy again! I was thinking of sending a message that would put the ball in her court, and in the meantime I’d just not mention It and text her when I have the time. I like her and want to keep her around, don’t get me wrong, but should i put the ball in her court?
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2021.12.02 22:35 yaykat Hailun Uprights?

Does anyone have a Hailun upright? I was surprised by their sound and touch. Considering possibly buying one. Does anyone have any experience? There isn’t much recent results when I tried to search this subreddit.
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2021.12.02 22:35 TMSharkie I randomly ran into 2 Arabian horses both within an hour! They are named Nova and Nebula!

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2021.12.02 22:35 big_daddy543 Ranking up new season duos, need a partner to climb ranks with. epic:RealCorey

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2021.12.02 22:35 foxhound8 How to understand design patterns?

Hey all,

I've been reading up through various design pattern books for over a year now and now matter what I do I can't seem to really get a grasp on them. Sure, I can memorize them, but I don't understand them. I don't really get the essence other than extremely vague things like "oh this one kinda makes it easier to attach unrelated components together but the cost is class explosion." Ok... I can just sort of memorize that idea but it's so vague it's almost impossible to use in the real world.
Further, it feels to me like a lot of the patterns have tons of dependencies. They're not very flexible... if you pick one, it's kinda hard to switch to another one or to add your own changes in it. They only seem to work in a certain way. I don't feel comfortable using them knowing that. I don't understand the real power in that besides hoping to be lucky enough to run across that exact scenario in the wild and then picking the right hammer for that one single nail. What happens when requirements change?
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2021.12.02 22:35 Book8 Wiggins

Andrew was obviously dealing with some type of back issue in the Suns game. Does anyone know if he is improving?
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