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Anyone else having trouble downloading mods on xbox one?

2021.12.02 23:01 captChronic4046 Anyone else having trouble downloading mods on xbox one?

The game will download the mod, then revert back to "pending" and redownload again. It will repeat this process as long as I let it go on. Also on some mods it will start to download and just stay at 0% and never do anything. I already have some mods downloaded so not sure what the issue is. Please help! Much appreciated.
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2021.12.02 23:01 Supraarn Just got some new extras for my seven year old PC. Showing my creation and in need of some help! Info and questions are in the comments.

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2021.12.02 23:01 Independent_Age_5516 4 chaos gods walk into a bar

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2021.12.02 23:01 opeitschristine [F22] not a bot, not selling anything, just genuinely curious :)

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2021.12.02 23:01 saweetiebunz had to draw the doc after yesterdays stream 🤩🤩

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2021.12.02 23:01 monkeyman80 Nachos appetizers.. What to expect?

I got an offer for free app so got something I'd never order, the $10 nacho.
Description was with pico, and skillet queso. I did customize in the app for extra sour cream and jalepenos. did I forfeit it because of the request?
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2021.12.02 23:01 johnrock001 What is Loli

What is Loli
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2021.12.02 23:01 dal3y42x Lily Aldridge

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2021.12.02 23:01 El-Discrepador Y llega el lunes

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2021.12.02 23:01 Hagstik4014 Which of these car companies is your favorite?

View Poll
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2021.12.02 23:01 AudioxBlood 70s-ish vintage sewing machine in table

Is there anyone in North Texas (or Texas in general) that would be interested in this for free? I was given it by my dad, but I don't sew as well as this machine deserves and I know a lot of you guys on here would show it the love it needs. I can get photos if there's interest as it's buried in my "Monica's closet" garage.
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2021.12.02 23:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: erwarten

erwarten translates to expect
Join our new subreddit for language learners @ /LearnANewLanguage
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2021.12.02 23:01 TheCodamanCrew After socially or medically transitioning, what kind of clothing did you like the most/give the most euphoria?

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2021.12.02 23:01 AreaCautious9077 Brendaniel are NOT SCPs, but if they were. HOW WOULD THE SCP FOUNDATION CONTAIN IT?

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2021.12.02 23:01 AlienRobotTrex How do I introduce myself and ask a college classmate to be friends?

I used to have no problem making friends as a kid, but since the pandemic started, the small amount of social skills I had left in high school have plummeted. For context, I’m in college part-time and living with my parents.
There’s this person in my class that I kind of have a squish on. They (I don’t know their pronouns, so that’s something I’ll have to ask) have have hair dyed in a turquoise color that looks really cool, and I just feel sort of drawn to them. The problem is, other than one time earlier this week where I complimented their work (we’re in a digital art and design class), we’ve never talked. I don’t even know their name! The semester is almost over, and I’m worried it might be weird to start now.
There isn’t a lot of time to socialize in class, even though it’s four hours. The time is mostly spent on a lecture, or working, with small breaks occasionally. There was one time where we were both waiting for the vending machine, but I got nervous and didn’t know what to say.
Some students talk during work time, but the blue-haired person mostly seems to keep to themself and focuses on work, and I don’t want to bother them.
How should I go about doing this? I’ve got a bit of an idea of what I might want to say, but I would like to hear your thoughts.
Best case scenario probably:
Me: “hi, can I talk to you for a minute? My name is (u/alienrobottrex), what’s yours?”
??: (gives name)
Me: “what are your pronouns? Mine are he/they.”
??: “I go by (preferred pronouns)”
Me: “I’m in my first semester of college and I don’t know many people here. Do you want to be friends?”
??: “sure!”
Then we exchange numbers after I somehow ask for theirs in a way that doesn’t make it seem like I have an ulterior motive of dating them.
Worst case scenario:
??:”fuck off, weirdo! Can’t you see I’m busy!”
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2021.12.02 23:01 Hortalez 1638496812 : PYROTECHNIST

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2021.12.02 23:01 Wet_Whiskey17 An Honest Review of Monos Travel: A Company That Utilizes Miss-Marketing and Treats its Customers like Garbage. (The suitcases aren't all that either.)

Since Monos has censored me on its social media pages (both Instagram and Facebook), I've declined to leave a review on their actual site as I'm sure they'll just delete that too—because that's what they do.
So, for anyone thinking about spending a ridiculous amount of money on their luggage, read this first:
I have to say I'm disappointed in Monos Travel, especially with their customer service and apparent company values. Like many people, I waited until Black Friday to get the best deals as the luggage is quite expensive. I've also waited a very long time to even make a purchase decision with the company after spending countless hours looking for the perfect set of luggage that would last me a long time.
First of all, their Black Friday deals were completely unclear, and I believe they were TRYING to undermine their customer base to trick them into spending more. I inquired twice about what the deals would be ahead of time and was completely ignored each time. I initially shrugged the lack of response off and chalked it up to them just being super busy with much more demanding customer-service issues since they did publicly mention delays in shipping due to flooding (in Canada).
No big deal, right? Or so I thought.
When I took to their Instagram page to see if other people were getting answers, I saw that several people shared in my confusion about their Black Friday deals. I commented in response to two other people about this confusion, not saying anything out of line or disrespectful, and the company deleted my comments and then blocked me. Interestingly enough, one of the people I responded to in the comments had just called out the company for deleting her comment, to which they responded "we never touch or delete comments!" Just for the record, they DO delete comments and I have the screenshots to prove it.
This was actually after I had already ordered two suitcases from them, despite the Black Friday deal being unclear. It ended up only being 30% off (when it was clearly stated on the site that the deals would be up to 50% off). It should also be noted that the Early Black Friday deal was 35% off everything, making the actual Black Friday deal a big let down.
Before they completely blocked me from their IG, I noticed they had taken the time to respond to one of the other commenters complaining about the lack of transparency. Apparently, customers were expected to purchase multiple items that were various percentages off to receive the total 50% discount. No items were actually 50% off alone, or close to it to make the "up to 50% off" claim even close to reasonable.
If that doesn't scream scam alert! Then I don't know what does. First of all, Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year when people EXPECT deep discounts. Second of all, Black Friday deals (or any deals for that matter) shouldn't come with multiple-step instructions. I mean, what kind of company thinks it's a good idea to confuse the hell out of its customer base—and essentially lie?
This isn't about not getting 50% off, although that would have been pretty cool. It's about the lack of transparency and the miss-marketing used to trick people. Trust me, I'm not the only one who took to social media to say something about this. I'm just the only one who got censored and blocked (that I know of so far). There was even another commenter on Facebook who threatened to report the company for false advertising—and he got a considerate response from customer service! (WTF? Am I right!?)
Between the shady marketing and the censoring of my comments, I can say that this company isn't what they say they are. As someone who works in digital content marketing, I can tell you that these actions are obvious marketing no-nos, especially for newer companies trying to establish a reputation as a luxury brand.
People go to companies' social media pages purposely to get honest reviews of the products and services they offer, as well as to see how the company interacts with its customer base. Monos is going around censoring its customers rather than responding to them and taking notes to do better as a company overall.
This means that no one is actually seeing the negative reviews or comments that could affect peoples' purchase decisions. This also means that Monos Travel is essentially lying to potential customers by cloaking their social media in positive reviews and commentary only to manipulate purchase decisions in their favor.
What this should tell you is that the company doesn't care at all about its current customers or potential customers. They only care about the money. An honest and customer-forward company wouldn't censor its following or its customers, nor would it completely ignore them. They'd want complete transparency, but Monos travel is not an honest company, especially after they've already taken your hard-earned money.
I will say, I did get a hold of one useful customer service representative after several days of trying. She seemed to care about my situation but didn't really know how to "make things right." She offered me a $25 gift card which doesn't do much for overly priced luggage from a company I won't be investing in further. She also did take the time to listen to my situation, and I made her aware of an email I sent to the company regarding being censored and mistreated. I also sent her the screenshots and I made it clear that I didn't want to get anyone in trouble or fired, but how I was treated was 100% wrong and that this needs to be addressed internally before it happens to more people and becomes a real issue.
Of course, I haven't gotten any responses regarding the situation as of yet and I doubt I will.
Honestly, the company owes me and any other customers they've treated this way an apology. I feel they should really make a public statement owning up to how they've treated their customers and that their Black Friday shenanigans were out of line. After all, we all know how the Away scandal turned out, and many people still refuse to buy their luggage simply because of how the company's own employees were treated.
Imagine if Monos Travel actually got called out publicly for their poor behavior, blatantly false advertising, and their audacity to censor their customers?
Despite all of this, I decided not to cancel my order just because I had wanted their luggage for so long and it was already on its way.
Now I kind of wish I did.
It's not that the suitcases aren't nice or well made, but they're a bit lackluster and cheap looking. I honestly expected just a little more for the price.
I know they're supposed to be minimalist in design, which is what I liked best about them. However, the photos on the website and elsewhere (social media, review articles, blogs, etc.) make the suitcases seem sleeker as if they have a slight sheen to them that gives them a more sophisticated and attractive appearance.
I don't care if this sounds picky, but for the prices they charge, they could have taken the extra step to make their suitcases not look like they're made of cheap plastic. Actually, at first glance, it almost looks like they're made of rubber, and then you touch it and its hard but flimsy.
They could have added a little bit of a gloss or something to the coloring just to give the suitcases that extra touch in the light that says thank you for spending an unnecessary amount of money on me, I promise I'll be worth your while!
I think a good example of what I was expecting (from looking at all the photos on their website and elsewhere) would be how Macbook laptops look—they have just enough of a sheen where it's mostly muted but also slightly glistens in the light without being glittery or sparkly.
For the record, I purchased the storm grey color. I was initially going to go for the olive green, only I noticed in some of the photos on social media and in reviewer's blogs that the color looked like more of an army green without the photoshop edits.
I even looked through their Instagram comments to see if people talked about this, which they did. One customer mentioned that the olive green was more like an army green, so she sent it back disappointed. Another IG user simply asked about how the color looked in person, as her concern was that it would look army green rather than olive green, to which the social media customer service representative (or whichever moron is in charge of the account) replied:
"Well, everyone who purchased the color loves it!" which is a clear deflection and an obvious lie. Not to mention, a piss-poor response. This should have tipped me off to what I was about to get myself into, but all it did was make me choose my second color option.
Once I took my suitcase out of its box I just kind of looked at it and thought, wow I really just spent $298 on that?
As I opened it up to get a feel for it, it honestly felt flimsy, and again, cheap. It gives a lot when you push on it which is a little off-putting. Of course, this was the first time I had a polycarbonate suitcase, so I didn't know what to expect and I guess it's not the worst trade-off since they are technically made to be indestructible and last a lifetime. Plus, a little flexibility never hurt anyone.
However, I can say with complete honesty that I'm pretty disappointed in the look and feel of the suitcase. All it does is make me think of all the company's reviews elsewhere that are so "positive." Clearly, they're paid, biased reviews. They even have a video on Facebook with some girl unveiling her pink Monos suitcase and talking about how she just loves it! Meanwhile, she's strategically positioned with her backside in front of a mirror next to the thing, scantily clad in tiny shorts and a tank top, and in a super weird position that's obviously meant to provoke a certain emotional response.
Go to their Facebook page and watch it for yourself. Trust me, you won't be looking at the suitcase because you'll be looking at the mirror behind her. It's completely unnecessary and honestly, a little foul in my opinion. You would think a brand that's going for luxury and sophistication wouldn't advertise so cheaply.
Just for the record, I don't find the actual woman in the video foul. She's beautiful and there's nothing wrong with using sex to sell. But, as I said, it just doesn't seem to fit the brand in my opinion and it's kind of like they're just going for the low-hanging fruit if you know what I mean.
Also, speaking of plastic, Monos really shouldn't be claiming that they're an Eco-friendly company with Eco-friendly products. Polycarbonate plastic may be unbreakable and durable, but it's petroleum-based and it never truly breaks down. Ever. So, what they're doing is actually greenwashing and lying to you, making you think that just because the product will last "forever" that it's not causing any harm.
Remember, not everything gets recycled. So whether you hand it down to someone else, sell it, return it, or "recycle" it, it'll eventually just break down into microplastics, and that sh!t will end up in everything.
So, in the spirit of being honest and transparent, which Monos Travel is not, you can get honestly get treated like absolute garbage and destroy the planet for much cheaper.
Spend your money elsewhere kiddos.
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2021.12.02 23:01 pheonix-reborn Boing.

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2021.12.02 23:01 PianoPancake123 What are the prices of alcoholic drinks on carnival ships like the dream?

Is the alchemy bar still 10.95 a drink???
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2021.12.02 23:01 Medium-Minute8828 One of my old workmates told us a story about how he bought a massive box of lemon bars for really cheap.

That crate lasted him for about a year. By the time he finished, he hated lemons. Couldn’t stand them. Though he did eat one for his breaks every now and then
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2021.12.02 23:01 SushiWithKenshi Part 2 of "Can I copy your homework?"

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2021.12.02 23:01 IvoryJezz Anybody know if the Enviroklenz actually "neutralizes" VOCs without creating byproducts?

I feel like this isn't possible, so I'm curious if there's any data on it. I'm trying to get rid of some lingering VOCs from a reno project and I know activated carbon filters only trap chemicals until they become saturated then they get released again. So I'm trying to find an option that won't actually make the air quality WORSE.
Anybody have an experience with it? Ideally with some kind of air monitor? Or at least whether it produces an odor?
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2021.12.02 23:01 NoAd7001 MLB lockout

Am I the only one here who saw the demands by the players and thought yeah right? I get wanting to be paid more but its making the games so damn expensive now with these contracts. I wish they would implement a salary cap to at least make it more competitive. But to be fair Manfred is also an awful comish.
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2021.12.02 23:01 Icy_Remote5451 Need help

So basically, I’ve heard that data packs are really usefull, and I’m wondering what’s the best place to start with win 10 data packs, if your going to say get good at commands I feel like I’ve got that covered. I just haven’t really seen a good BEDROCK tutorial on data packs, can anyone help me out?
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2021.12.02 23:01 Rich_rico Pls help … is there Any promo code for jewelry purchase ?

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