more BS. #hatewatching her IG

2021.10.25 23:10 bohemianmermaiden more BS. #hatewatching her IG

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2021.10.25 23:10 2hot4u_ Wish I could have this

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2021.10.25 23:10 Largoftw Spring front strut issue?

Hey, No idea what/how this has happened, just wondering what my best course of action to fix would be. Is this something that I can take in and have fixed or should I just buy a completely new strut and replace? Clearly the tire also needs replacing.

Happened after just switching to winter tires, coincidence or something installed wrong? (Can't personally see swapping tires affecting the front shocks/strut assembly but I'm not a mechanic :)

Clearly super dangerous and won't be driving until the whole thing is sorted.
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2021.10.25 23:10 kirkwoodotto Shibank Inu ($SHIBANK) 🐶 - Top 10 CoinMooner - Low Marketcap 🚀 - x1000 gem 💎 - Fair Launched

Shibank Inu ($SHIBANK) is a BSC token with a guaranteed price floor and BNB distributed as dividends directly into our holders wallets. Our upcoming platform, NFT marketplace and merchandise store will provide a real use case for $SHIBANK
Buy here:
This token is waiting to explode. Due to our aggressive marketing, potential buyers are already up to date of this launch. The token characteristics are designed to have an unlimited rising peak. Providing as much as possible profit is our main goal. Next to receiving the token profit, our holders will also receive a reward in BNB.
To counter whales dump, we introduce you the selling limit. This will prevent huge sells
Our strategy is largely using TikTok, Instagram and paid ads. Our experienced marketing team built up networks over the years. That' s why they easily connect influencers (influencers TBA in Telegram group). These influencers having 250K+ followers.
✔️ BNB rewards for token holders
✔️ Exclusive NFTs
✔️ Aggressive Marketing
✔️ Auto liquidity for a stable and safe growth
✔️ Experienced marketing team using paid ads and influencers
✔️ Anti Dump Mechanism
✔️ Doxxed Team
✔️ Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Buy link:
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2021.10.25 23:10 soapscummmm I swear on a stack of bibles that I wont stream, record, or screenshot any Elden Ring gameplay..

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2021.10.25 23:10 OTG-Gangster AIO help

So I was thinking of getting a liquid cooler for my pc. I have a R5 3600 and a meshify C. I was thinking of either the H115i RGB Pro XT, 280mm Radiator or the Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM. Which one should I get?
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2021.10.25 23:10 BubbleBuddysHat LF a clan to do a VoG run [XB1] [D2]

I’m currently in a clan with a group of people that I love to death, but we are all pretty busy and haven’t been able to make time for a full clan raid the past couple seasons. The only triumph I need is to do a full clan run. If there’s a clan on here that could help me out I’d really appreciate it!
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2021.10.25 23:10 Ptyonic Calibrate MPP 2.0 Pen?

I heard that MPP Pens suffer from wobble in slowly drawn diagonal lines due to insufficient calibration. Which leads me to question: Is it possible to just calibrate the screen and/or pen by myself and if so, how? (I don't know what actually has to be calibrated, but I would assume it's not the pen)
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2021.10.25 23:10 Poptartcat99 Palette expander digging into roof of my mouth

So I’ve had a palette expander for about two months now, and I noticed one of the wires is starting to dig into my jaw, and it hurts! I don’t want to turn the key more until I have my next appointment but I don’t know when that will be. Is this normal?
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2021.10.25 23:10 HeadFirstBigDook niggas cop

got the vid of bosstop running ina airport but yall wont let me post it🧐🤨
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2021.10.25 23:10 dontknowwhattoname02 Disgusting westerners polluting best nipple food

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2021.10.25 23:10 purakii People like you make this world a _____ place

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2021.10.25 23:10 them3ntor Physiotherapist recommendations for broken clavicle post-surgery?

My friend had ORIF clavicle surgery to fix his fractured collarbone he broke in an accident. From previous experience, who is your go-to physiotherapist in Queens area, preferably near Richmond Hill?
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2021.10.25 23:10 deadrise120 Am I making up this memory of metal bat vs. garou?

I remember this happening (in the manga?) after metal bat hits the manhole cover that garou punts, there’s a a scene where it bounces off of a few objects and flies back at garou and garou barely catches it with his hands. When I read the chapter now I don’t see those scenes but I swear on my life I’ve seen that before
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2021.10.25 23:10 Sea_Departure_9807 [WTB][USA-NJ][H] Paypal / Local Cash [W] Modi 3+

Want the modi 3+ for about $80 shipped. Pm with offers. Thanks!
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2021.10.25 23:10 Syke4L Brendan: I won’t give away the joke

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2021.10.25 23:10 ilmagorosalfiore There is a medieval cat in my enamel pins Kickstarter inspired from Manuscript Margins

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2021.10.25 23:10 Here4iubb Anyone know what this is about?

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2021.10.25 23:10 Radiorxy Streak 19: Descansito

Solo me queda una hora antes de dormir, así que me voy a tomar la noche libre. ¡Hasta luego!
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2021.10.25 23:10 Inansk661 Can you get a point if you take an hour lunch when you’re scheduled for a 30 minute lunch?

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2021.10.25 23:10 Doom_Slayer687 Power creep

With the new champions coming to the game, i think this will be a huge issue.
Champions take up 1 card slot hence alot of cards performing similar roles to the cards will mist probably not be seen anymore.
For example, archer queen is going to replace every single anti air in some way or another, golden knight will replace so many bridgespam units and skeleton king will replace so many mini tanks in bait or graveyard decks, mainly being the valk and dark prince.
Also kudos to the devs for not making champions ridiculously broken, they seem pretty strong but their base is pretty balanced, by balanced i dont mean their a balanced card which doesnt need any touching, i mean that they are implemented in a much healthier way than i thought making balancing them much easier.
So what do you all think? Will power creep be a issue with heroes or im just exegarrating?
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2021.10.25 23:10 Prismquill What historical accuracies would people make in the future about us?

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2021.10.25 23:10 Silent-Surround-7103 [PC] [H] black and yellow halos [W] Offers

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2021.10.25 23:10 Interstellarallienpp Number game?

View Poll
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2021.10.25 23:10 Tonijran From working in kitchens to sales

For the past 9 years of my life I’ve worked in different restaurants. I’ve grown tired of the long hours, no break, working off the clock, shit pay of being a line cook at a upscale restaurant. I landed a job at Verizon selling cell phones & cable plans. I’ll be working off commission. I’m willing to give this my all, and take all the advice I can!
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