Finishing my national Pokédex

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2021.10.27 03:52 runborg Finishing my national Pokédex

Hi! I’m trying to finish my Pokédex and only have 15 left!
I’m having lots of trouble with these last ones just using GTS so I’m coming here to ask for help! I don’t have a huge array of things to offer, but can breed various aprimons if that’s what you want. Let me know what you’re looking for!

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2021.10.27 03:52 ChippewaGuy .

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2021.10.27 03:51 adeline1983 Panda-monium

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2021.10.27 03:51 massaoyamane Chill man. It’s just a Mcdonald’s delivery. Jesus

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2021.10.27 03:51 robfmb Can he be Deathwing?

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2021.10.27 03:51 cececececeadhd Leaving behind toxic positivity and toxic productivity - WWDB

After lurking, I decided to post. I'm a little nervous because my story is unique and may be easily decipherable, but I don't know where else to talk about this. It's strange how something impacted me in a great way, but also in a terrible way at the same time. This is going to be LONG, but it will probably be an interesting read for you.
TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide and self-harm
A little background: I have severe ADHD and PMDD (and a touch of OCD) that has been untreated for a long time and my MLM experience contributed to this.
I will be talking about Amway and World Wide Dream Builders
Was around the business from 18 and left when I was 21, which was half a year ago. I ended high school depressed because I was in and out of psychiatric hospitalization until I finally got to a calm point where I decided to apply to schools half a year after graduating HS and start pursuing my creative interests.
I met somebody who talked about people who didn't go to college and were wildly successful, so that really caught my attention because I was very very bad at school and anxious because of the pressure to go. So I went through a process and earned mentorship. It was fun at first - I was excited because I felt like my life now had meaning and I had people believing I could be successful, which was one of the good things that came out of the whole experience. Although it didn't help in the long run, it did help me with my mental health in the beginning. Reading self-help books and listening to positivity gave me a mission to follow, which I desperately needed at that time.
I decided to not go to school and started working full-time to make money for business building and becoming personally responsible. I went through a lot of personal growth getting out of my shyness and gaining self-confidence.
Now, this has been three years of involvement, so the majority of it was a blur.
A year into working at a 9-5 job, I became increasingly suicidal and depressed, which unfortunately wasn't abnormal. The thing about PMDD and depression for me was that sometimes I can handle the waves and then there are occasional times where I absolutely can't handle it. I was stressed because somebody I thought I loved left (I have severe attachment issues), and the pressure of 'building the business' which included reading, listening to a positive podcast, sending a message to upline, and finding people who are interested in meeting my mentors. It became unbearable, and I was afraid of talking about it to anyone because I wanted to be a stable person who can become successful.
One day, something inside me burst and I found myself sitting in my car with a big bottle of pills, crying my eyes out. Note- I've never attempted suicide. I didn't come close to swallowing all of those pills, which will tie into the rest of the story.
I called my manager, then I called my dad saying I wanted to kill myself right now. Then my dad picked me up from 30 minutes away. I was a mess.
That night, I went to go out to my church small group who were a very supportive and loving group of friends and talked about what happened. I felt a little better, especially since I didn't want to be alone. I texted my upline something like this:
"I wanted to tell you that today I felt a huge urge to take my life and left work early. I'm trying to get a grip of reality right now, but I may be spotty in responding" (since we were meant to communicate every day.
Mind you, work was very important in the WWDB world because it was the way to build personal responsibility and have money to build your business and have a high point volume each month. I always felt really really guilty about not following through with going to work because I didn't want to be seen as lazy or incompetent.
I can't remember what they said after my text, but over the next few days, I was off from work, sticking to my dad the whole day because, in my safety plan, I always have to be with someone for a while after a breakdown.
Upline would text things like "How are you? What are you doing today?" and I'd tell them I was with dad and going along with him to grocery store" (for me, I try to do normal daily things to distract me from how I'm feeling)
Then they ask me something like, "Is it possible that this is a way of getting attention from your dad?" At that time, that really didn't sound terrible, but I was always doubtful of myself. I know they said this because earlier in our friendship we talked about our dad issues and how they affect us today. I told them that I didn't think so.
Following that, I had the choice of extending my leave of absence, which I did. Upline texted me, "when do you go back to work?" and I said I asked for an extension of a few more days (since it was the end of the week at that time). Then came the reply, "is that going to help you towards your goals?" I felt embarrassed and texted back "no," and they said "you can probably call them and reverse the extension." I didn't, I kept my extension and pretended that I went back to work the next week.
I ended up finding another job that was easier and closer to my home, and paid more. I took that job after talking to my upline. I still was depressed and had bad PMDD bouts where I would shut myself in the bathroom and cry for half an hour. But, I needed to make money and I needed to be personally responsible.
I was still attending board plans and conferences and such. They actually helped me a bit because everyone was positive and encouraging.
I spent a lot of my free time talking to people about the business and honestly, I was just as burnt out as before my suicidal incident. But I kept going because this was going to be part of my success journey.
I had a "mini" breakdown and asked my upline if I could sit down and talk with them. They said once in a while is fine when it's not involving the business and wanted to make sure I wouldn't ask to sit with them frequently.
I told them why I thought I was depressed (now I know it was also chemically and hormonally motivated) - sexual assault when I was younger, bad relationships, etc. They responded with how in their neighborhood growing up, there was a lot worse sexual abuse going on, and people do overcome it if they continue to grow. I wasn't sure if I was encouraged, but I believed that I could just get over the "junk" in my life.
It's always encouraged to reach upline for help with anything - emotionally, physically, business-wise, financially. Nearly every time I had urges to self-harm or suicidal ideation, I would send a voice message upline, crying. I said things like, "I feel like I really want to cut myself, etc. I don't know how to get through this." The responses from them would be "don't listen to your emotions and feelings, focus on your goals, this negativity probably means you're not getting enough positive input." I didn't think that was unreasonable at the time.
One time I was talking with them on another occasion about suicidality and depression, they said that they knew people who actually killed themselves and what that looks like. I also got, "I don't think you're suicidal, I think you're just not following through with your goals," and "If you're suicidal, why haven't you killed yourself yet?" - and then peppering in how everybody has suicidal thoughts pass their mind, and they're just thoughts.
Now I believe that they're not just thoughts. They're dangerous desires I felt compulsed to fantasize about.
This upline has had their own experience with depression and anxiety and has chalked it up to not having a life purpose or positive influence in life. They said that in building the business and mentoring people, they overcame those issues and are now free from them. They were also vocal about how psychiatric medications are a farce and don't do anything good.
Another head-heaving aspect of all this was regarding my new partner. There's this mentality in WWDB that you are allowed to do whatever you want, but the wrong decisions will not bring you to success. So, my conscience would constantly be on overdrive and feel so guilty when I wasn't doing the right things according to the leaders. Note, they never told people what to do, but encouraged them to believe that some things will not help you grow and be serious about building.
I met this amazing, goofy person at my work and started dating. I didn't tell upline until I felt guilty about it and "confessed" later. Why did I feel guilty? There's this belief within the community that you will have the best life if you have a partner that is ambitious and is on the same page with the business. This person I was dating had different goals than mine, but I brushed that aside because of how much of a compassionate person they were.
As I thought, I was asked if what I wanted in life was someone who may not be as ambitious as I was and how it might cause heartbreak in the future. I truly truly believe that upline was saying this with a tender heart, but it caused a lot of confusion for me.
Everytime they asked about my partner and when I'm going to have the conversation to see if he would appreciate meeting my upline, it would hurl me in an anxious spiral. Why couldn't I just let my partner be themselves and just continue with what I was doing? It wasn't like upline was saying I can't be with this person, just asking questions that made me think about it like, "this relationship may slow you down from your big goals."
Now, I hadn't pursued therapy or psychiatric help during all of this time because I hung on to how I should be able to overcome my mental health issues by following through and focusing on the business. I wanted to be a good example, and follow what upline did, which included ditching a therapist after earning partnership with successful entrepreneurs.
I wasn't explicitly discouraged from going to therapy or seeking help, but there were comments of how negativity in life means you're not following through with building the business or are not close enough to upline.
I also forgot to mention, I was considering going to a therapy residential or inpatient program because of my terrible ups and downs with my depression. I felt so guilty about even considering it because it meant taking a break from building the business and it would show I just wasn't committed enough.
It finally got to me when every time upline texted me, it was anxiety-inducing. It was hard to have a normal text conversation most of the time because there was always some kind of checking up on me. In WWDB, (and I understand where they come from with this because I agree to some extent that if you want to be wildly successful, you have to sacrifice a lot of comforts), you're discouraged from social media, downtime, reading non personal growth books ( I loved to read fiction but gave that up for a while because I couldn't read them without guilt), casually hanging out with friends, wasting time, drink, party, go on vacations, spending too much time with non-ambitious people, watching TV, listening to music.
Texts would sometimes be like "what are you up to?" and I'd lie and be like "oh, I'm out talking to people" When I was really in bed scrolling on reddit or something. Or, I would text them a video of kids I was babysitting saying hi - and the second time I did it, upline would ask "is this the only job you're doing right now?" Just felt like I couldn't be myself but also I wasn't confident enough to speak how I really felt, which is why I feel like it went on for so long.
I finally decided to get psychiatric medication and oh my gosh... I hadn't felt that clear in like, ever. It was amazing. It was my answer. I was able to get a better look at my situation and realized I decided to build the business because I was depressed and life had no meaning, and it felt like the only thing that gave my life purpose. But, my medication made me feel that I had a purpose and I had no reason to do things that sapped me. I decided I wanted to pursue my lifelong dream of journalism and beyond.
I left abruptly. I get nervous whenever I get a text from them and feel a little bad because I basically ghosted. I just can't talk to them without them trying to get me to see that my situation is fixable through the business and such. I just can't.
I also knew they would discourage me from moving in with my boyfriend, because of "influence" and other stuff.
I'm happy I left.
TLDR Hard to sum up- but basically was engulfed in toxic positivity and toxic productivity that I neglected my mental health which could've ended up badly.
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2021.10.27 03:51 iLoveDollarKai 🎁THE GAME TOKEN AIRDROP🎁 THE new Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem coming to Pancakeswap! 🎮 Get your FREE Tokens before Launch and enjoy the ride with us 🚀

Welcome to the upcoming blockchain gaming ecosystem on BSC with a doxxed team.
This is your chance to get in from the start!
Blockchain gaming and especially Play2Earn are the new cool kids on the blockchain. Making it possible for people in countries with low average income to make a living playing games is the major selling point. As with every trend, especially in crypto, every day there is a new project and a lot of news releasing that make it hard to keep up with. That is where we come in!
A little overview on what we are already preparing or planning to do in the future
🎯Platform for projects to advertise themselves
🎯Social media mobile app
🎯News and updates in the blockchain gaming world
🎯Connect the virtual with the real world
🎯Payment method for online games
🎯Launch our own games
Free airdrop of 2500 $TG tokens on, 5000$ given away in total. Join our Telegram for all the news and developments
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2021.10.27 03:51 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for mastinfotrftz

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2021.10.27 03:51 kira-is-a-shinigami data-bending is fun

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2021.10.27 03:51 comingofagenovel Would you guys do long distance?

I'm currently in one and it's ridiculously painful. I don't know if I can do it any longer. He's perfect on paper but it's so exhausting and I feel like I'm losing myself by being in this relationship. We have only been dating for 4 months and I will likely only see him next summer break.
I'm just curious, would you guys try/do long distance?
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2021.10.27 03:51 Dxnny1210 Can someone give me the inside scoop on how to edit default json files in u10 I want to edit the waves and spells but all the .jsons aren’t how they use to be so I’m clueless

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2021.10.27 03:51 Junior_Zucchini2337 Redditors who have ever violated reddit's content policy in the past and don't feel bad about it, why not?

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2021.10.27 03:51 Maxim_Beans Baj's Film Festival Ideas

Since this sub may or may not get nuked in the near future, and Forsen is getting eager for another vacation, I thought I'd find out what the reddit bajs would like to see incase I decide to some hosting.
Any specific suggestions welcome, minus weebshit.
View Poll
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2021.10.27 03:51 StunningComposer6905 Whenever I tell someone I have done an internship at an engineering firm most automatically assume that my parents have connections. How do I tastefully say that I got it though my efforts- laboring as an intern before they gave me real work and training?

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2021.10.27 03:51 akschwab87 The perfect spread Eagle!!!

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2021.10.27 03:51 ZeroTheHero2021 wysi

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2021.10.27 03:51 SozidauProveryai BIG 30 x Pooh Shiesty Type Beat 🔥

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2021.10.27 03:51 freelifemushroom Would you want to see a future Kenny Omega/Elite vs Cody Rhodes (non-title) feud??

How interested are you in a future Kenny Omega/Elite vs Cody Rhodes (non-title) feud??
After Kenny loses the title, and perhaps a year or longer from now, how interested would you be in seeing Kenny and the Bucks vs Cody?? I think with their history and whatever falling out they have had (real or kayfabe), this could be such an awesome and emotional journey. This would not be for a title (Cody can't wrestle for the AEW title anyways) and would be more about the people in the story and seeing where it takes their characters and relationships. Thoughts?? Am I crazy in wanting to see this feud??? The BTE stories alone would be fantastic!!!!
View Poll
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2021.10.27 03:51 Misteryunsolved Btw this is my first post on Reddit :D

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2021.10.27 03:51 realownwilson Taking a course without its Pre Req?

Has anyone completed a course whilst completing its pre-req?
I am a Marketing Major with just 5 classes left in the program. I need to take ENTR 3120 and ENTR 4200 Next semester. 3120 is a pre-req for 4200.
Does anyone have any experience taking a course with its pre-req in the same semester?? shared experiences would be helpful! I have been taking 5 courses per semester since Spring 2020 and would hate to slow down so close to the finish line.
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2021.10.27 03:51 cosmebitch Ahhh that was a sweaty mfing game. You guys know that feel.

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2021.10.27 03:51 No_Physics_1358 Do you believe karma has any place when you were treated badly but treated them better than they deserved?

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2021.10.27 03:51 KaleAway6968 💎 RemeX (RMX) Just launched today Utility Token | New Milestone Achieved ⬆️ | RMX is now Integrated into the System ⚙️ | Giveaway Quiz Ongoing! | 🤩 Long-term Project | Real Company | Doxxed Team ✅

📢 The RemeX utility token is now linked to the Agafos system via AgaPort 🔗
The project follows the roadmap step by step achieving new milestones along the way. More exciting updates to come!
⚙️ AgaPort is a getaway that enables RemeX’s access and integration into the system. With this update, both holders of RemeX and users of the Agafos platform have an opportunity to:
Get a membership access
Be awarded for achievements for being an active member
Create original and popular content and monetize it
Buy/Sell/Exchange goods and services within in-house NFT Marketplace
Be involved in the decision-making and charity campaigns within the platform
🤩 With the new feature, the platform is now able to host a 🎁 GIVEAWAY QUIZ 🎁 and award the winners the RemeX Tokens without external intermediaries.
Play the quiz: Are You A Crypto Nerd? Link:
Guess the questions correctly and quicker than the others
Take your spot among the Top 20 of the highest-ranking players
Briefly About RemeX Token
RemeX (RMX) is the utility token developed by AGAFOS LLC for its user-generated platform launched in April of 2020. RemeX now is the currency used throughout Agafos platform with the help of AgaPort. Shortly, AgaScan - a secure tool ensuring secure and transparent transactions - will be introduced and launched. Stay tuned!
For more information, make sure to visit the official pages:
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xf686c0d95d750e987775a0ff638c484ded9075ff
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.27 03:51 inquisitivenhopeful Looking for swan plants for a caterpillar family

Hi all, we currently have a family of caterpillars on our swan plant, but they've already eaten all the leaves and we have none left :( does anyone have spare swan plants we can have (will gladly pay) or perhaps someone has a mature swan plant in their home that can take an extra family of 15? Please help! Thank you
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2021.10.27 03:51 Warmogz Buildable Arcade Machines

Camps need mini games and not like the hit E to play an animation stuff. I'm talking like Arcade Machines that will play holotape games. I refuse to believe the people of the Fallout world didn't have video games... not to mention a mini arcade would look sick as hell too.
Also as an extremely stretch goal, making the various lootable board games in the game actually playable with another vault dweller. :O
What do you think?
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