Does yours eat them like apples right off the vine?

2021.09.17 01:56 Jubalatedtomeatyou Does yours eat them like apples right off the vine?

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2021.09.17 01:56 m4cl3nn4n What is your favourite pizza topping?

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2021.09.17 01:56 Billiejean567 being sexy is a lifestyle

being sexy is not just a personality trait, it’s a whole lifestyle. being sexy is hard sometimes. it requires lots of hard work and passion. sometimes people will be jealous because you’re sexy but don’t listen to them. be sexy and be proud
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2021.09.17 01:56 general_strike_45 Warning about Divvy/Lyft

I'm new to this city and although I want to get around by bike, I want to shop around and do some research. Meantime, I've been using Divvy (Lyft bikes). Earlier this month, I took a ride from the dock at Lexington & Loomis to the UIC library near Polk & S. Morgan, where I docked the bike. The app no longer showed a ride in progress, and I was able to take a bike back to Lexington & Loomis the same afternoon without any issues. Moreover, my credit card statement shows that I was charged for only a single, short-term ride.
Nevertheless, Lyft reached out to me eight days later to inform me that the same bike I took for that morning ride had gone missing (the replacement fee for their middling three-speed bike is $1200!). This was the first I heard that the bike was missing, and in the interim I had probably taken about a half-dozen rides. They are positively convinced that I'm responsible. I plan to dispute the charge and, failing that, to file suit in small claims court, but who wants to go through all that? My advice: avoid these swindlers and take the bus until you have a more viable option.
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2021.09.17 01:56 Euphoric_Primary Personal versus Business account

So my business is on TikTok, and I currently have a business account which is okay. I like that I can use analytics and there are a couple other features that I like but I can’t use any trending sounds and it kind of sucks.
I want to move to a personal account but I’m scared/heard that my link won’t follow when I switch it. I feel like it wouldn’t make any sense if I was a business page but I didn’t have my link in the bio, also sales would lack.
Can personal accounts put their links in the bio at a certain amount of followers? I heard it was 1000 and I’m really close to that number but I don’t know if that’s true.
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2021.09.17 01:56 ffeJrey9238 Tehe

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2021.09.17 01:56 SuperDuperE How banana decides who to play

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2021.09.17 01:56 RacemicCactus Datura discolor

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2021.09.17 01:56 Successful_Pin_8212 Enable LUKS in Kernel menuconfig

The article on Dm-crypt and Full_Disk_Encryption_From_Scratch_Simplified only specifies how to setup with genkernel, and genkernel's article specifies only that the --luks option enables luks. I'm doing a manual kernel configuration and have searched every page of this menuconfig and can't find anything regarding luks. I already enabled AES and AES-NI.
What should I be looking for? Is LUKS its own option or are there misc. things I need to enable to make it work? Or does it need to be enabled at all or will it work as-is?
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2021.09.17 01:56 SnooLentils9922 Crosshairs

I acquired a vintage Fennel Kassel transit. I don’t see and crosshairs or marks when viewing. Did the most likely dry/break at some point during the last 50 years? Would they have been at eyepiece end or front optic end?
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2021.09.17 01:56 Competitive_Bad_8223 😈DevilChihuahua🚀| The biggest rewards in $CAKE 🥞| Just Launched | Join Now !!!

When the Chihuahua eats the cake… this happens… 😈🚀
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Anti-Dump Lock & 1% Sell Fee Max amount for transaction restricted to less than 0.2% of the total supply + extra 1% fee is applied to all sells. This will allow us to reduce swing-trading and break whales' control.
Anti-Rug System -Secured by Design Initial Liquidity Provided will be locked with DeepLock for 1 month.
🤑Massive Marketing Plan 2% of every transaction is allocated to Marketing in ADA (swapped to ADA in real time and allocated directly to Marketing wallet).
Classic features :
Anti-whale system, blacklisted function, Protection against phishing attacks!!
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2021.09.17 01:56 Tight-Victory-6628 That 16 yr old fuckhead again

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2021.09.17 01:56 TrailingBlackberry Snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus) [OC] [3159 x 1972]

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2021.09.17 01:56 ihadtheworstday Narcissist October 8th

Somethings telling me it’s dropping October 8th
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2021.09.17 01:56 Mifuneno96 Mole Miner treasure hunters

They removed the friendly dot on the compass, nakes me sad
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2021.09.17 01:56 Rmed34 [USA-GA] [H] 3070 ASUS DUAL NON LHR [W] Local cash, Paypal

This card has only been used for gaming never mined on, comes with original box in great working condition In no rush to sell Asking $1,350 open to offers Pm me i will try to respond asap comment when done (No trades atm) Time stamp: Willing to send more pictures if needed Proof of it working:
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2021.09.17 01:56 JanGrantvyT0 $PlanetDoge - Just Launched | Unique EcoSystem | Dual Rewards | Experienced Team | NFTs | Coin Listing Site & More |

| What is Planet Doge |
Welcome to Planet Doge, The Central Hub, Expansion and eco-system of tokens that are built around supporting one another.
Having first started with Little Doge Cake ($LDC), the team has since expanded and developed Planet Doge ($PlanetDoge).
$PlanetDoge is a dual reward based token, with a chunk of the tax being returned to holders in $ADA (80%) and $LDC (20%). By having $PlanetDoge reward $LDC, it will help ensure the steady growth of $LDC while $PlanetDoge grows. This will be true for future tokens added to the eco-system.
PlanetDoge looks to develop and continue evolving with the creation of NFTs, rewards, and everything the future holds in the Crypto Space.
| Tokenomics |
Supply: 100,000,000,000
Max Wallet: 2,000,000,000 (2%)
Max Buy: 1,000,000,000 (1%)
Max Sell: 500,000,000 (0.5%)
Min Token for reward: 200,000 (0.02%)
| 18% Buy Tax |
10% reflected as ADA & LDC (80% ADA - 20% LDC)
3% to Liquidity Pool
5% to Marketing Fund
| 23.5% Sell Tax |
13% reflected as ADA & LDC (80% ADA - 20% LDC)
4% to Liquidity Pool
6.5% to Marketing Fund
Contract Address: 0x7a8124779cae6e22c52dd001ce118c17510128a5
| Socials |
Main TG Group:
Announcement Channel:
Website: Revealed at launch!
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2021.09.17 01:56 shallah Why California Has One of the Lowest Covid-19 Rates in the Nation — Vaccinations surged as Delta took hold.

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2021.09.17 01:56 Sorcerrez Differences between shattering abilities

Since everyone is talking about shatterdive, I was thinking about Titan's shatter abilities, mostly cryoclasm (long slide). I don't main Titan so I only know what I see in crucible, and I don't use shatterdive because it feels super clunky and awkward to use imo.
On paper, it seems glacier + cyroclasm would be much more effective and easier to use than glacier + dive, with the added bonus of the titan aspect that generates shards from the glacier crystals. So what's the deal? Is cryoclasm inconsistent? Is this being slept on while shatterdive is the supposed sole broken stasis combo?
Also stop using shatterdive in PvE. You just look stupid as hell.
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2021.09.17 01:56 IWannaBeTased All illiterate people are less than 6 years old but not all kids under 6 years old are illiterate

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2021.09.17 01:56 bspidell12 [WTS] Magpul MOE Stock and the unsellable Sig p365 Shoulder Holster bare all for you (OR)

Magpul MOE Mil-spec carbine stock black in color. Looks pretty much new I don't think I even used it. - $25 shipped
Please buy this black leather Stoner brand horizontal shoulder holster for a Sig p365. I don't want it and it's just mocking me from on top of my safe. This is just the holster, you will still need the shoulder straps. I emailed them and they said it would be $50 for shoulder straps or $65 if you want a spare mag holder also.
This holster is sold by them for $95 and mine is pretty much like new.
Link to holster on Stoner's website
Asking $30 shipped, but shoot me an offer.
Buy both items for $50
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2021.09.17 01:56 Kayfim20 New Listener Here - Am I Mad For Preferring Dianno?

I'm not new to hard rock or metal at all, in fact I listen to quite a lot of these genres. But for whatever reason, though I'd heard songs like Run To The Hills and Two Minutes To Midnight, I'd never got stuck into IM's discography and the release of Senjutsu has prompted me to tackle Iron Maiden's discography in chronological order as part of my hobby of writing a review of an album every day. I knew the band didn't really take off until Number Of The Beast where they got their "classic" singer Bruce Dickinson. Hence I was expecting the first two to be lesser works, but I actually found them really good, especially Killers. Not only that but Dickinson's voice is less palatable to me than Dianno's. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dumping on Dickinson - he's powerful and dramatic but I find Dianno more melodic and appealing overall and am not sure Dickinson would handle something like Remember Tomorrow that well. Based on what reading I've done, this is a very lonely opinion and I get the sense that I'm "wrong". Do others feel this way? (Of course I've only been listening to Maiden for about a week, so this opinion could be something that changes with familiarity and repeated listens.)
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2021.09.17 01:56 Secure-Guidance897 Trading Nebula It 45 Value I want something that is fair

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2021.09.17 01:56 rieuxdy You should know, your wife kissed me on the cheek on my way in here. Now look at you.

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2021.09.17 01:56 PotentiallyExplosive 😁

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