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Axie Infinity Passes $2B In Sales Volume: What To Know About The Top NFT

2021.09.17 03:03 DrioMarqui Axie Infinity Passes $2B In Sales Volume: What To Know About The Top NFT

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2021.09.17 03:03 carlossafael Boreeeed who like to chat?

20M up night Long
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2021.09.17 03:03 WinnerWeird1756 No invite discord, check it out https://discord.gg/JWtNNPFj

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2021.09.17 03:03 After-Air87 Victory ~ Tragic Whimsy Collection

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2021.09.17 03:03 afternooncreamtea Megafactory

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2021.09.17 03:03 BaldEagleFreedomMAGA A mock god is in the works

A mock god is in the works,
His web a sight to behold.
A mock god is in the works,
His body new but his spirit old.
A thing, not being, his husk it gleams.
How fake his seams, the stuff of dreams.
Artificial, no sugar, a nightmare he is.
His potential, his power, so hard to resist.
A mock god is in the works,
A mockery though, not a mock.
He is a foe, a faux, despite his perks,
We must keep this box a-lock.
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2021.09.17 03:03 True-Row2319 Aliens that crash due to earthly soft core porn turn out quite hot once they are primped and shorn.

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2021.09.17 03:03 _Boss_Hogg_ Kiss My Bass

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2021.09.17 03:03 SantaSangre2834 Volumes 2-4 of Wotakoi came in today. Time for a good ol fashioned binge party

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2021.09.17 03:03 GoSteeplejacks Azelf adding 5! 8177 3581 5292

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2021.09.17 03:03 SomeMLPguy Say Something Nice About Swift Foot

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2021.09.17 03:03 K4RM4CODE Pick up today, what a steal!

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2021.09.17 03:03 PapaBurgundy37 RANT - Falling out of Plat 2 because of servers.

Why update the servers right before a mid-season reset? Why do I get abandon penalties when the disconnects are caused by a server not loading? Why has EA not been able to figure this out after 10 seasons?
My fault for trying to que one too many times and losing a rank. Guess we'll try again after the reset.
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2021.09.17 03:03 xpoma77 Should’ve kept this in the drafts 😐

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2021.09.17 03:03 Haunted_Bones [H] Worlds Collide Bumblebee and Blackarachnia. [W] Paypal, $20.00 each.

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2021.09.17 03:03 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: USC And This Major College Football Coach Reportedly Have 'Mutual Interest.' Would He Be A Great Hire? https://t.co/Iltwq4kQ53

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2021.09.17 03:03 Bobbydarloe101 deSPAC Gamma Squeeze Redemption Plays: Why I'm bullish on $SPIR as a sympathy to the $IRNT run-up.

First, let's just quickly analyze $IRNT

So based on $IRNT and by looking at social media sentiment I can kind of predict which of these deSPAC Gamma-Squeeze redemption plays will go next. My bet is on $SPIR because it looks more closely to $IRNT before the run-up.
A Little about SPIR: Spire Global, Inc.
The company has more than 110 satellites currently in orbit...the world’s largest multipurpose constellation. Had $36 Million in revenue last year, and expects to almost double that to $70 million in 2021.
This is not financial advice. Credit to u/caddude42069
SPIR latest 8-K after the ticker change: https://sec.report/Document/0001193125-21-272968/
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2021.09.17 03:03 IANthePARK Solve this anagram: revenue upon voyaging

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2021.09.17 03:03 SnooComics1442 Is my friend a red flag?

So I’ve been friends with this person for a good while now. They’re apart of my friend group n all that
A little insight on our friendship, we like to poke at each other for fun a lot, It’s like friendship teasing Y’know. Me and him can have some good convos but we can also bump heads.
Recently all our convos have been super frustrating and they give me a different vibes from before. Like recently all we do is bump heads when it comes to convos, he’s also called me a dumbass more than once and it doesn’t sound like a jokey way. Like genuinely i feel like he’s slowly starting to dislike me
He can’t trust anyone and doesn’t comfort people when they’re down, he’s super put off with peoples coming to him about their problems, like any sort of problems wether it’s big or small. He doesn’t really open up either about his problems.
I might be overthinking because recently I’ve had really crappy thoughts about most people hating me so that could just be it
Any thoughts on what I should do?
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2021.09.17 03:03 Stenv2 RWBY Rewriting and Thoughts swimming around in my head Part 29: A litter fillery in the grand scheme of things. But it's also something I've wanted to discuss for a while. Changing the geography of Mistral.

Part One: Mostly I discuss the differences between Rewrites, Reimagines, and so on. And good points were made.
Part Two: Just giving Ruby more to do.
Part 3: So sorry Weiss Fans XD This is the Weiss part.
Part 4: The revamping of Blake. Joking just some additions she needed.
Part 5: Yang the Underrated. Basically where I do add on to her instead of wanting to change her too much.
Part 6: The Jaune Part.
Part 7: Nora's Hammer time!
Part 8: Pyrrha Champion of Peace
Part 9: Stealthy Ren.
Part 10: Cardin, just Cardin.
Part 11: Russel aka Mohawk guy.
Part 12: Dove Bronzewing, the guy that keeps his eyes shut.
Part 13: Sky Lark my least favorite XD
Part 14: Coco's here!
Part 15: Fox Alistair, the foxy blind warrior.
Part 16: Velvet hoppity Hop.
Part 17: Yatsuhashi The Gentle Giant.
Part 18: Glynda the Good Witch.
Part 19: Ain't she a peach? Professor Peach.
Part 20: Oobleck is more coffee than man.
Part 21: Port the chad. Joking XD
Part 22: The man who is as gray as his Hair. Ozpin!
Part 23: Minor Character Roundup!
Part 24: Sun the sunshine Boy!
Part 25: Salutations Penny!
Part 26: Villain Time.
Part 27: Sayanora Beacon
Part 28: Grimm Grimm.
Part Zero: Ramble. So I mentioned early on that I don't like too many drastic changes like changing geography. But I have a confession to make, one of the early things that rubbed me the wrong way about Mistral. Aside from how everything was all of a sudden medieval.
Was well... it basically looks like Vale all over again, from the brief look we got at Vacuo, and the way we've seen Atlas. It just sticks out like a poor man's version of Vale.
Like they could have tried harder to give Mistral more of an identity, hell it's where three main characters are from, including Qrow and Raven. The three main characters being Ren, Nora, and Pyrrha.
So you're probably wondering, okay Stenv how would you, an utter moron alter the geography of Mistral to stand out as unique? Hmm you're probably not even that good at it Stenv, it will probably be some small change, something idiotic.
And that is a fair assumption.
But I will try anyhow, so this will probably be a stretch, but one thing I have to admit about Mistral is it was always a bit odd, because you have Nora, Ren and Pyrrha, the three seem vastly different from each other, Ren has a very eastern looking inspired look, Nora you would assume is Norse inspired, and Pyrrha is clearly Greek/Spartan inspired, and then you got some medieval stuff lazily thrown in, and Raven's Bandit tribe.
It's not so much a melting pot as it's a bloody cluttered mess. So what solution do I have to somehow try to fix it?
Well, what's a loose thing that all those cultures have in common? Sailing.
Yeah being a history nerd I know that's not all they likely had in common, but this is RWBY, I don't expect it to go super deep into all the historical connections. Besides I am not trying to be super complex, that ain't how I do things. Better people do it better.
So by Sailing, I should think that instead of being a massive continent, instead of Mistral is a series of island nations, a large series of islands, and due to that nature, not all really are part of the main kingdom of say Haven, some are largely independent with their own cultures, And out of all the kingdoms Mistral has more wins then failures of more independent settlements, but it's no less risky as the Branwen Tribe and other bandits operate like pirates with their own ships, and Grimm coming from the waters are no laughing jokes.
Part Two: One way this benefits the story? Well aside from Ruby being able to keep some distance from her and JNR and Qrow for a while, it also teases the possibility that at some point she and Yang could potentially reunite early. But that's only a tease, Yang has to finish her storyline first.
Plus imagine how much more tense the Kuroyuri battle would be when they are isolated on an Island with no way to run away?
And finally we could probably get some cool action scenes over the water or underwater.
Part Three: The reason you can consider this filler. Considering I am focused on more plot beats and character beats, you can just ignore this ramble and pretend that Mistral is the same as canon. I just really wanted to get it out there....
Sorry for wasting your time, but if you think it works, let me know, but I am not changing the other kingdoms or even Menagerie, they can stay the same.
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2021.09.17 03:03 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: Over 200,000 Illegal Migrants Encountered At The Southern Border For The Second Month In A Row https://t.co/xDsjZ1yN1p

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2021.09.17 03:03 GenC2GenAlpha My stocks always go down

Hey all. I looked the other day, stocks I bought last year, I sold after they tanked. THey're back up. Bought a few stocks constantly increasing, they're all down. Yup yup.
Anyways thanks for add.
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2021.09.17 03:03 FireDragons53 How To Get Full Toona Fish (and his set)


BATTLE PASS Choose one of any of the options below.
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2021.09.17 03:03 Trap-Daddy_Myers (F)elt like posting again after your guy's kind words! 。・:*:・(✿◕3◕)❤ [Under 18]

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2021.09.17 03:03 swagNextTuber Could Navalny’s ‘Smart Voting’ Strategy Shake Up Russia’s Election?

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