Should I use a lvl3 fury dagger or a lvl2 triple dagger for the goblin?

2021.09.17 02:28 Trainer_JJ Should I use a lvl3 fury dagger or a lvl2 triple dagger for the goblin?

In terms of the damage I think the fury dagger would give a bit more, but I’m not sure which one would end up having more versatility?
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2021.09.17 02:28 Todddai "Hey you're almost done, right?"

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2021.09.17 02:28 ichigomilkpls Sudden Gas Bill Increase?

Hi everyone!
I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced this or has any idea what to do.. 3 months ago and the many years before, my gas bill has always been around $50-60 then all of a sudden it jumped to ~$120. It’s not like we’ve changed our habits in our household. We did reach out but got told that it’ll be reviewed. Then the next bill came in and now we’re getting charged around $400? The city hasn’t given an explanation and of course, I plan on reaching out again.
Any help/advice is appreciated!
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2021.09.17 02:28 Khalid-MJ Why does Galaxy buds 2 are working on the background?? Although I didn't wear it at all.

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2021.09.17 02:28 curlyconspiracies The Tippecanoe curse started with a strange pattern every 20 years. The president elected either died or had an assassination attempt. Could there lie an ancient curse that has lingered through the centuries, or is this all just a coincidence?

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2021.09.17 02:28 Jake91820 2005 Kia Amanti

Hello, I have a 2005 Kia Amanti with around 195,XXX miles. I was driving down the highway the other day and it started spitting and sputtering when I get on the gas at all. Shortly after that happened it died and now I can start it and it will sometimes run like crap for about 30-60 seconds before it dies and other times it will hit a couple of times and just die again. The fuel filter is clean, my fuel pump is working and I have spark on all 6 cylinders. I'm at a loss, anybody know what might be causing my issue? Any help is appreciated, thanks
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2021.09.17 02:28 DexDGlaus What’s your least proud fap?

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2021.09.17 02:28 savraeslimmee Sooo… is this a scam?

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2021.09.17 02:28 tastymud6809 I think we can all agree Carson is the best anime girl

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2021.09.17 02:28 bengoshijane What happened to Jacqueline Levitz?

Hello all. This is my first post here, so please be gentle.
I know we have discussed and read about the Jacqueline Levitz case before, but I have not seen any recent posts that consider the legal matters involving her estate. As such, I will first state the facts of the missing person matter, then I will discuss the estate’s court case against her own family members and, finally, I will list relevant parties and suspects.
I apologize for the length of this post, but I wanted to be thorough.
Ms. Mary Jacqueline Levitz was one of nine children raised on a cotton farm in Oak Grove, Louisiana, across the Mississippi River from Vicksburg, Mississippi. She moved to Texas and attended secretarial school. She married Walter W. Bolton, Jr. and they had one son, Walter E. Bolton III, who was born in 1959 in Alexandria, Virginia. The marriage did not last.
Ms. Levitz then began working in real estate. She made her own money in real estate, flipping properties. She is estimated to have made a fortune of $4.45 million dollars.
Thereafter, Ms. Levitz married Banks L. Smith, a successful restaurant owner. Mr. Smith passed and Ms. Levitz moved to Florida.
Twenty years later in 1987, she met Ralph Levitz, the founder of Levitz Furniture. She was renovating his home. Jacqueline and Mr. Levitz married. It was Jacqueline’s third marriage and Mr. Levitz’s sixth. They lived in a $3.9 million dollar ocean front home in Palm Beach, Florida and had a very active social life for a few years. In about 1990, Mr. Levitz had a series of strokes, curtailing their social activities. Mr. Levitz passed in 1995. He left a trust fund of an estimated $15 million dollars. It appears the trust was set up to provide for Ms. Levitz during her lifetime and then pass to Mr. Levitz’s two grandchildren from other marriages upon Ms. Levitz’s death.
After Mr. Levitz passing, Ms. Levitz immediately made plans to move to Vicksburg, Mississippi to be close to her family. Ms. Levitz had four siblings who lived within 50 miles of Vicksburg. Prior to moving, Ms. Levitz purchased a 2,900 square foot ranch house at 15 Riverwood Circle, a dead end residential road. The home was set a few hundred feet off the Mississippi River on a bluff and had panoramic views of the river as well as the Vicksburg Bridge, which spanned the river between Mississippi and Louisiana.
Ms. Levtiz settled on a home on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. She enjoyed watching the boats. Ms. Levitz wanted to expand the three (3) bedroom, 2,900 square foot ranch style brick home to be a 7,000 square foot, seven (7) bedroom showpiece home where her family could gather. She was hoping to have the home decorated in time for Christmas.
Ms. Levitz immediately began hiring contractors. Given her extensive real estate experience, Ms. Levitz personally oversaw the construction on the property. There were up to forty (40) people who worked the construction crews. Although Ms. Levitz inspected the construction closely on a daily basis, she was also friendly with the workers, making them coffee and joking with them.
Due to the ongoing construction work, Ms. Levitz had very little in the house. She had brought in a few lawn chairs, a refrigerator and a mattress, but little else. She referred to her living conditions as “camping out.”
On Saturday, November 18, 1995, Ms. Levitz was last seen at Midsouth Lumber & Supply located at 4925 U.S. 61 South in Vicksburg, which was a few miles from her home. She was picking up wallpaper samples for her renovation efforts.
On Sunday, November 19, 1995, Ms. Levitz failed to answer telephone calls.
On the morning of Monday, November 20, 1995, James Earl Shivers, Ms. Levitz’s brother-in-law, was sufficiently concerned to go and check on Ms. Levitz. Ms. Levitz’s Jaguar was in the driveway. Mr. Shivers found the front door to the red brick home unlocked. Inside, there were signs of a struggle. There were red press-on fingernails scattered on the floor. Mr. Shivers called law enforcement.
Warren County Sheriff’s Department responded. Officers lifted the mattress and realized it had been flipped over to hide a large blood stains on the floor. The blood would later be matched to Ms. Levitz.
Ms. Levitz’s expensive gowns, clothes and fur coats remained untouched in the closet. Her safe remained in the home with jewelry inside. There was an expensive pair of diamond earrings resting on a window seat. There was a half empty glass of water sitting out near the window seat. Ms. Levitz’s sister, Tiki Shivers, found the glass to be unusual as Ms. Levitz would not have left a half empty glass just sitting around. Ms. Shivers, indicated that Ms. Levitz would sit at the window seat in the afternoon and watch the river. Ms. Shivers also reported that there were two bags missing, including Ms. Levitz’s wallet and tote (purse), which contained personal items such a make-up and hairspray.
Jacqueline Levitz was 62 years old at the time of her disappearance. The case remains open.
Five years after her disappearance, Ms. Levitz was declared deceased by a Florida court. Ms. Levitz’s younger sister, Tiki Shivers, and her son, Walter Bolton III, were appointed executors of Ms. Levitz’s estate. Walter Bolton III was the sole beneficiary of Ms. Levitz’s $4.45 million dollar estate, although it is unclear Ms. Levitz had a will or if she died intestate.
Ms. Levitz’s was pronounced dead five years after her disappearance and her estate was opened in Florida. A promissory note was listed as one of the estate’s assets. The administrators of Ms. Levitz’s estate were her son Walter Bolton III and her sister Tiki Levon Shivers. According to Louisiana court records, Ms. Levitz’ estate filed an action against two (2) of Ms. Levitz’s brothers in an attempt to either collect on an unpaid promissory note or gain title of the property secured by the note. I will attempt to summarize the contents of the Louisiana Court of Appeal opinion. (Estate of Levitz v. Broadway (2007 La. 2nd Cir.) Case No. 42,308-CA.)
On April 17, 1995 (about 2.5 years before Ms. Levtiz’s disappearance), Joe E. Broadway and Don R. Broadway executed a promissory note (hereinafter “the note”) in favor of their sister Mary Jacqueline Levitz in the amount of $70,000 payable in 120 equal installments of $849.80, including principal and interest. The interest payments were to begin semi-annually (no start date noted) during the first two years of the loan. The first of the principal payments was to be made on May 1, 1997 (about 6.5 months before the disappearance). The money was being used to purchase land in Arkansas and build a hunting cabin. The note called for the title to the property to be transferred to Ms. Levitz in the event the loan was not paid. No payments were ever made. Joe Broadway and Don Broadway disputed that they were responsible for paying the note. They claimed “remission” (forgiveness) of the debt by Ms. Levitz.
Joe Broadway claimed that he had drawn up the note despite Ms. Levitz claiming that she did not want one. Joe also claimed that Ms. Levitz (hereinafter “Jackie”) and sister Geraldine (hereinafter “Gerri”) had visited his house and talked about the property. Joe claims he told Jackie that he intended to sell hunting leases on the property to generate income to repay the loan. According to Joe, Jackie told him that she did not want him to carry on with the plan to sell hunting leases and that, instead, she had decided to forgive the debt altogether.
Sister Gerri Brown submitted testimony which appears to confirm Joe’s story. Gerri stated that while visiting Joe, he discussed selling the hunting leases in order to generate income to repay the loan. Jackie supposedly told Joe not to sell hunting leases, that the loan was forgiven and that she wanted him to make the property a place that the whole family could enjoy.
Don Broadway claimed that he had signed the note as presented by Joe. He stated that he later learned from Joe that Jackie had supposedly forgiven the debt. He further claims that he attended a dinner with Jackie where he thanked her for forgiving the loan. She allegedly responded by stating that he did not owe a penny.
Three other “elderly aunts” also submitted affidavit testimony that Jackie said she was forgiving the note.
However, Tiki Shiver, Jackie’s little sister, submitted testimony stating that she spoke to Jackie the night before she disappeared (presumable November 17, 1995). Tiki reports that Jackie stated she was proud of what her brothers were doing with the property and that she wanted Joe and Don to focus on improving the property and worry about paying back the loan later. (This is a salient point because it conflicts with a concept of a full forgiveness of the debt and, rather, may evidence an amendment to the contact terms by indicating an intent to possibly merely delay repayment. It should also be noted that at this time, the note was obviously still in issue, with multiple family members recounting different conversations about it right up until the time of Jackie’s disappearance.)
Mitchell Broadway was another of Jackie’s brothers. His affidavit recounted a conversation with Ms. Levitz in March or early April of 1995 wherein she invited him to become a partner in the Arkansas land deal. Ms. Levitz indicated that hunting leases were going to be sold to generate income to repay the loan. Mitchell’s affidavits states that he did not want to become involved in any financial dealings with his brother Don and he declined to get involved. Mitchell states that he told Ms. Levitz that Don would not pay her back. Jackie responded that she was not naive or stupid and that she would either get paid or take the property. Mitchell further stated that in October of 1995, which was about one month or so before her disappearance, Ms. Levitz told Mitchell that he should have gone in on the deal because the hunting club fees were going to generate a lot of money. Mitchell reiterated that he did not believe Don was not going to repay Jackie.
The court granted summary judgment in favor the Broadway brothers, finding there was no triable issue of facts on the issue of remission (forgiveness of the debt). This decision was later reversed by the Louisiana appellate court in 2003. The case was further appealed. In 2007, the Second Circuit of the Court of Appeal of Louisiana reinstated the summary judgment decision of the trial court, handing the victory to the Broadway brothers.
Walter W. Bolton III – the son of Jacqueline Broadway Levitz. Although he was the person who inherited Jackie’s estate, he was living in Washington DC at the time of Ms. Levitz’s disappearance. He was unattached and Ms. Levitz was actively campaigning for him to relocate to Vicksburg. He inherited about $4 million after Ms. Levitz was declared dead five years after she went missing. Mr. Bolton died on September 21, 2006 at the age of 47 after a lengthy illness. He apparently had a solid alibi and was never considered a suspect.
Joe E. Broadway – Ms. Levitz’s brother. He had taken out a loan from Ms. Levitz in the months preceding her arrival in Vicksburg. Mr. Joe Broadway would later become embroiled in a legal dispute with Ms. Levitz’s estate (as administered by sister Tiki Shivers and Ms. Levitz’s son Walter Bolton III) over the non-payment of the loan, which is described in detail supra.
Don R. Broadway – Ms. Levitz’s brother. He was also a party to aforementioned loan.
Geraldine “Gerri” Brown – Ms. Levitz’s sister. She submitted evidence in support of Don and Joe in the case involving the loan. There is no indication that she had any motive to harm her sister.
Tiki Levon Shivers – Ms. Levitz’s sister. Her husband was the one who called in law enforcement. She submitted evidence against Don and Joe in the case involving the loan. There is no indication that she had any motive to harm her sister.
Mitchell Broadway – Ms. Levitz’s brother. He submitted evidence against Don and Joe in the case involving the loan. There is no indication that he had any motive to harm his sister.
Personally, I feel like time and distance sometimes makes it easier to draw inferences about a case. After reading the Estate of Levitz v. Broadway decision, I feel there is reasonable cause to suspect that Joe and/or Don may have had killed Jackie in a dispute over the loan. Given Mitchell’s negative opinions about his brother Don, I tend to lean more towards him being involved. Tiki seems to be the one who was closest to Jackie. We know that the topic of the unpaid loan was an ongoing issue in the family with Tiki and Jackie talking about it the night before Jackie’s disappearance. Also, only Jackie’s body and purse were missing. Her car was in the driveway. Her valuables and safe remained in the house. There was clearly a struggle, but there was no break-in. The front door was unlocked. Someone tried a hasty clean-up and disposed of the body, which seems more likely if the perpetrator knew the victim. Also, there is a dearth of suspects.
Another theory is that perhaps one of the construction workers harmed Ms. Levitz. Each member of the construction crew was questioned. Everyone cooperated and there was no obvious suspect. There had been no known threats made to Ms. Levitz.
Ms. Levitz’s long-time lawyer from Florida, Robert Marschall, theorized that perhaps it was an attempted kidnaping gone wrong.
Vicksburg residents claimed that Ms. Levitz was so new to town that most people were unaware she was even there, making unlikely that she was targeting by criminals for a burglary or robbery. Also, her Jaguar was still in the driveway and none of her valuables, other than her purse, were taken.
Investigators theorized that perhaps Ms. Levitz was killed and her body was dumped into the Mississippi River. Apparently, the river is too wide and too deep to drag, so that was never done. Law enforcement stated that there was supposedly a 50% chance of a body dumped in the Mississippi River from Ms. Levitz’s residence to make it to the Gulf of Mexico without washing ashore.
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2021.09.17 02:28 wowelysiumthrowaway Horde 34 mage lf boost to 60 at least.

Getting ganked in open world so I go into dungeons only. then the dungeons have bots/people who waste other's time, or someone dies once and then the group disbands and there's an 9 min/30 min que. can anyone help?
Ign: inminecraft
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2021.09.17 02:28 parralaxalice Beach camping?

So I’ve never camped inside my element before, but I would like to take it to the beach here in Tex’s and do just that. You are allowed to pull your car right up onto the sand and stay the night. My question though, is for people who have also sleep inside their element. Mine does not have a sunroof, and I don’t own any camper-back accessory to open up the back.
Seeing as this is in Texas and all, I would like to stay cool inside. I’ll pop open the back windows, but I don’t want to leave the front windows rolled down for security purposes. So who has tips and tricks for sleeping inside without modifications?
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